Got Pro Action Replay or Game Genie codes for some Game Gear games? Post them here!!

final kaoss

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Pro Action Replay Codes:
Extra Armor - 00C5E6:06 -Datel
Unlimited Fuel - 00C560:99 -Datel
Unlimited Hydras - 00C5E4:34 -Datel
Infinite Lives - 00C5DE:09 -Rune
Infinite Hellfires - 00C5E5:99 -Rune
Infinite Fuel - 00C5E0:FF -Rune
Infinite Guns - 00C5E3:FF -Rune

Game Genie Codes:
Start with 1 hellfire - 01E-03E-C4A -Galoob
Start with 5 hellfires - 05E-03E-C4A -Galoob
Start with 9 hellfires - 09E-03E-C4A -Galoob
Start with 1 hydras - 01E-08E-3BA -Galoob
Start with 56 hydras - 56E-08E-3BA -Galoob
Start with 99 hydras - 99E-0DE-3BA -Galoob
Start with 178 guns - 01E-0DE-A2E -Galoob
Start with 678 guns - 06E-0DE-A2E -Galoob
Start with 9,978 guns - 99E-0DE-A2E -Galoob
100 fuel load - 01E-12E-08B + 01E-1CE-E6E -Galoob
5,500 fuel load - 55E-12E-08B + 55E-1CE-E6E -Galoob
9,900 fuel load - 99E-12E-1CE + 99E-1CE-E6E -Galoob
Start with 300 armor - 03E-2BE-F72 -Galoob
Start with 600 armor - 06E-2BE-F72 -Galoob
Start with 9900 armor - 99E-2BE-F72 -Galoob
Infinite fuel - 002-E97-E6E -Galoob
Infinite armor - 3A9-807-2A2 -Galoob
Infinite hydras - 005-B07-E6E -Galoob
Infinite hellfires - 004-CF7-E6E -Galoob
Infinite guns - 006-FC7-E6E -Galoob
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