Dead Space Extraction NPUB30314


I'm assuming these work on the NPUB30337 version that comes on the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition disk too. These are for the eboot so add +10000 to the address for codeunique/netcheat/whatever else there is.

Turret Health Doesn't Decrease
00152854 60000000
SET OGP=FF806800D01F0114
SET COP=FF80680060000000

Health Doesn't Decrease For Anything
0009A888 C00309B4

Health Doesn't Decrease For You
00114000 C00309B4
00114004 D00309B0
SET OGP=4BF8688160000000
SET COP=C00309B4D00309B0

Ammo Doesn't Decrease
0024C568 60000000 <---Secondary
0024C55C: 80090000 lwz r0,0(r9)
0024C560: 7C1E0050 sub r0,r0,r30
0024C568: 90090000 stw r0,0(r9)
0024C594 60000000 <---Primary
0024C58C: 801F0098 lwz r0,152(r31)
0024C590: 7C1E0050 sub r0,r0,r30
0024C594: 901F0098 stw r0,152(r31)
SET OGP=EBC1007090090000
SET COP=EBC1007060000000
SET OGP=7C1E0050901F0098
SET COP=7C1E005060000000

Rapid Fire
0027465C 4BFFFFC8
SET OGP=419CFFC84E800020

Infinite Stasis Duration
0010A7E4 60000000
0010A7FC 60000000
0010A808 60000000
SET OGP=419D018CC0030020CBE30000FFA0F82AC0030024FF9EE800419C01B0FFED0028FF9EF800419D0258
SET COP=[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]C0030020CBE30000FFA0F82AC0030024FF9EE800[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]FFED0028FF9EF800[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]

00198FB4 60000000 (default D99F0008)
Toggle on/off as needed, many things use this which can break the game.

Extra junk not worth caring about

Possible pointer route

9,999 Shots Fired
00254488: 812B0000 lwz r9,0(r11)
0025448C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00254490: 912B0000 stw r9,0(r11)
SET OGP=39290001912B00004BFFFEC8
SET COP=3920280F912B00004BFFFEC8


0025440C: 812B0004 lwz r9,4(r11)
00254410: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00254414: 912B0004 stw r9,4(r11)
SET OGP=812B000439290001
SET COP=812B00043920????

9,999 Stasis Shots Fired
002544D0: 812B0008 lwz r9,8(r11)
002544D4: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
002544D8: 912B0008 stw r9,8(r11)
SET OGP=796B0020812B000839290001
SET COP=796B0020812B00083920270F

9,999 Enemies Killed
001E4760: 812B000C lwz r9,12(r11)
001E4764: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
001E4768: 912B000C stw r9,12(r11)
SET OGP=39290001912B000C881D00002F800000419E00F0
SET COP=3920270F912B000C881D00002F800000419E00F0

Total Reloads
0027654C: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
00276550: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00276554: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

Total Fast Reloads
002770F8: 812B0014 lwz r9,20(r11)
002770FC: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00277100: 912B0014 stw r9,20(r11)

9,999 Shots Fired That Hit
002543A4: 80090018 lwz r0,24(r9)
002543A8: 7C1E0214 add r0,r30,r0
002543AC: 90090018 stw r0,24(r9)
SET OGP=800900187C1E0214
SET COP=800900183800270F

9,999 Dismemberments
00209878: 812B001C lwz r9,28(r11)
0020987C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00209880: 912B001C stw r9,28(r11)
SET OGP=794A0020812B001C39290001
SET COP=794A0020812B001C3920270F

9,999 Stasis Shots That Hit
00254448: 80090020 lwz r0,32(r9)
0025444C: 7C1E0214 add r0,r30,r0
00254450: 90090020 stw r0,32(r9)
SET OGP=800900207C1E0214
SET COP=800900203800270F

9,999 Total Items Picked Up
00096490: 81690024 lwz r11,36(r9)
00096494: 396B0001 addi r11,r11,1
00096498: 91690024 stw r11,36(r9)
SET OGP=81690024396B0001
SET COP=81690024 3960270F

9,999 Audio Logs Picked Up
0009858C: 812B0028 lwz r9,40(r11)
00098590: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00098594: 912B0028 stw r9,40(r11)
SET OGP=796B0020812B002839290001
SET COP=796B0020812B00283920270F

9,999 Text Logs Picked Up

00098C14: 812B002C lwz r9,44(r11)
00098C18: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00098C1C: 912B002C stw r9,44(r11)
SET OGP=7D6B0214796B0020812B002C39290001
SET COP=7D6B0214796B0020812B002C3920270F

9,999 Weapons Picked Up

00098B64: 812B0030 lwz r9,48(r11)
00098B68: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00098B6C: 912B0030 stw r9,48(r11)
SET OGP=39290001912B003048074535600000004BFFF224
SET COP=3920270F912B003048074535600000004BFFF224

9,999 Weapon Upgrades Picked Up

00096178: 812B0034 lwz r9,52(r11)
0009617C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00096180: 912B0034 stw r9,52(r11)
SET OGP=39290001912B003448076F21
SET COP=3920270F912B003448076F21

9,999 Ammo Items Picked Up
00098568: 812B0038 lwz r9,56(r11)
0009856C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00098570: 912B0038 stw r9,56(r11)
SET OGP=39290001912B00384BFFE0B0
SET COP=3920270F912B00384BFFE0B0

0 Puzzle Failures
0018EBB4: 812B003C lwz r9,60(r11)
0018EBB8: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
0018EBBC: 912B003C stw r9,60(r11)
SET OGP=812B003C39290001
SET COP=812B003C39200000


Times Grabbed
00134398: 812B001C lwz r9,28(r11)
0013439C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
001343A0: 912B001C stw r9,28(r11)

Damage Taken
00113F90: C1A90020 lfs f13,32(r9)
00113F94: EC00682A fadds f0,f0,f13
00113F98: D0090020 stfs f0,32(r9)

Med Kits Picked Up
00097B68: 812B0024 lwz r9,36(r11)
00097B6C: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00097B70: 912B0024 stw r9,36(r11)

Revival Packs Used

001E515C: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
001E5164: 3929FFFF subi r9,r9,1
001E5168: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

001E530C: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
001E5314: 3929FFFF subi r9,r9,1
001E5318: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

0027654C: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
00276550: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
00276554: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

0037A0A4: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
0037A0A8: 3929FFFF subi r9,r9,1
0037A0AC: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

0037A0C4: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
0037A0C8: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
0037A0CC: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

0037EE94: 812B0010 lwz r9,16(r11)
0037EE98: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
0037EE9C: 912B0010 stw r9,16(r11)

Challenge Mode Score Stuff
Score (dismemberments?)
000DCFC4: 80090048 lwz r0,72(r9)
000DCFC8: 7C180214 add r0,r24,r0
000DCFCC: 90090048 stw r0,72(r9)
Score (kills?)
000DD254: 80090048 lwz r0,72(r9)
000DD258: 7C1B0214 add r0,r27,r0
000DD25C: 90090048 stw r0,72(r9)
Score (I picked up ammo)
000DCBA4: 80090048 lwz r0,72(r9)
000DCBA8: 7C1A0214 add r0,r26,r0
000DCBAC: 90090048 stw r0,72(r9)
Maybe things killed or dismemberments or something?
0037AFC4: 892A000D lbz r9,13(r10)
0037AFC8: 38090001 addi r0,r9,1
0037AFCC: 980A000D stb r0,13(r10)
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