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    Dead Space Extraction NPUB30314

    I'm assuming these work on the NPUB30337 version that comes on the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition disk too. These are for the eboot so add +10000 to the address for codeunique/netcheat/whatever else there is. Turret Health Doesn't Decrease 00152854 60000000 SET OGP=FF806800D01F0114 SET...
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    F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

    Ammunition namesUse one of the following entries with the gimmeammo code to spawn the indicated ammunition for each weapon. pistol shotgun smg rifle assaultrifle nailgun plasma cannon missile
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    demo extraction...

    in an attempt to extract the original audio files (at3/aa3) from a demo game, i managed to get the demo PBP, unpack it and the biggest file there is the DATA.PSAR file which is like 153MB and it HAS to contain all demo data there! i am running 6.20 pro b5 permanent firmware and was wondering if...
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