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Hello Dreamcast Talk. I have been around the Scene for a number of years but generally don't like to post in the communities often.

NOTICE: I am posting this simply to disclose that I am invested in privately funding DC games. My terms are straight forward: Game has to be completed within the foreseeable future AND have a screen in the intro or credits noting it was funded in part through private investment. That's it. PS: I take no percentage of money made from sales.

NOTICE2: Specific details surrounding deals with devs I make will NOT be divulged.

I recently became interested in the idea of sponsoring talented Dreamcast Scene devs or teams to help make their games a reality. After reaching out to several very talented devs in the community.

Post your thoughts below. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To reflect the updates I have made in the thread so far:

I am sponsoring Isotope Softworks(Hypertension: HoD) and Militia Studios(In The Line Of Fire)
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