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    Palworld GIGACHAD Devs Strike Back

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    Currently in talks to financially sponsor select indie devs

    Hello Dreamcast Talk. I have been around the Scene for a number of years but generally don't like to post in the communities often. NOTICE: I am posting this simply to disclose that I am invested in privately funding DC games. My terms are straight forward: Game has to be completed within the...
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    Postal Now Open Source, Devs Asking for Dreamcast Port

    The source code for the original Postal has been released and the original devs are requesting that someone port it to the Dreamcast! Well I guess technically they said "Dremcast" but I'm fairly certain that's a typo. :lol: Some talented developer get on this and add online multiplayer while...
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    Wii U: Shift dev's Project CARS confirmed

    Slightly Mad Studios confirms racing game for Nintendo console. A Wii U version of Project CARS is seemingly in development, with developer Slightly Mad Studios having stuck a logo for Nintendo's new console on some artwork for the game featured on its website. Click here to read the full...
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    Nintendo, Blizzard, Ubi Montreal top game devs

    Japanese, Californian, and Quebecois shops ranked as most powerful studios by Game Developer magazine; Rockstar North, EA Canada, Konami, Valve, Epic, EA Tiburon, and Treyarch round out top 10. Acclaim often comes to individual games, but the developers of those games can often go unnoticed...
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