Convert SNES PAR Codes to Game Genie Codes

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Convert SNES PAR Codes to Game Genie Codes

This was written by: Tony Hedstrom [email protected]

This document explains how to convert from SNES PAR
codes to GG codes. (PAR = Pro Action Replay).

Take your SNES PAR code and add a colon between
the sixth and seventh digits like this...

Before: 7FE5C4FF

After: 7FE5C4:FF

Now just take the PAR code with the colon in it and
enter it into a program called "gg-hex.exe". That's
it! The program should give you your new GG code.
You can download the "gg-hex" program from this link:

Utilities - Zophar's Domain

You can also use a different one besides the "gg-hex"
program. You can download it from my site. It's the
first one listed in the "Downloads" section.

Thanks, Tony Hedstrom

P.S. One last note: SNES PAR codes that begin with "7E"
will NOT work on a real SNES Game Genie (but they
will work ok with an emulator).
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