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  • Artillery Tricks
If you are playing a Multiplayer Skirmish, build up about 10-20 artillery. Take them into the enemy base(s), deploy them, and reek havoc on the enemy base. If the enemy is Nod and they have a Stealth Generator, Bring in a Mobile Sensor Array along with the artillery.
  • Baby Visceriods
To MAKE baby visceriods, order an infantry unit into tiberium until the soldier dies. Be careful though, once they become adults they are not friendly.
  • Better Resolution
NOTE: With this code you ae messing with the programming of the game. You might screw the whole thing up if you're not careful.
To get better resolution find the folder that TIBERIAN SUN is in, double click on the folder and find a file called SUN.ini, open it and go down to where it says [Video]. In that you should see somthing like this:
go to ScreenWidth= and change the number to: 1024 then go to ScreenHeight= and change the number to: 768, finally go to StretchMovies= and enter: no
This will only work if the max resolution on your monitor is 1024 x 768 or higher.
  • Civilian vehicles
If you have a Mutant Hijacker, you can steal civilian vehicles. Listed below is the amount of infrantry each one can carry.

School Bus=20
Demolition truck
Take a harvester and fill it with blue tiberium, then put it in your enemy's base. I usually put it beside a building and then when they destroy it, it will blow up the building.
  • Disk Thrower Tricks
Send a group of D.T's and place them just out of the range of a laser/component tower and line them up with the defense structure. Force fire in front of the structure and the disks will bounce into the structure. Even though its not as accurate, the laser/tower won't shoot you. You can use this in many situations to increase the attack range of your Disk Throwers.

Tell a Disc thrower to force fire someplace. Then when he is about to throw tell him to fire across the map and he Will. Those Arms must really be good.
  • Easy and fast skirmish win
Take a group of bombers and destroy your enemy's Construcion Yard and War Factory. Then, take out their Tiberium Factory.
  • Hijacking Vehicles
Take a Mutant Hijacker in to a city and find a Car, truck or a bus, and select it. Now you have control over the Vehicle. They are used as transports.
  • Hint: Build Anywhere
Build sandbags in a line to where you want a building then build it at the end and sell the sandbags.
  • Infinite Firestorm Wall
If you have a firestorm wall and it is fully charged, you can make it last forever without having to turn it off to charge. First charge your wall fully, then turn it on. Before it turns off or runs out of power sell or turn off your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the firestorm Icon. Your wall will stay on forever and will not run out of power until you build or turn on your power plants.
  • Kill a Cyborg Commando in One Hit
If you want to kill a Cyborg Commando, with out losing all of your units, there is a very simple way to do it.(You have to be able to build a GDI Firestorm Wall Generator, and Firestorm wall sections.) First fortify your base and build it up until you have the option to build a Firestorm wall, and sections, then build firestorm walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base. When a Cyborg Commando is over one of the sections turn the Firestorm generator on and Blam! All of your problems are solved.
  • Missile defense tactics
When playing as GDI, build a Firestorm generator and Firestorm wall sections but do not turn them on yet. When your opponent launches a Multi-missile at your base, turn on the Firestorm defense. The Missle should disintegrate. However,a HUNTER SEEKER drone will overload the generator and the defense will have to recharge. This trick doesn't work with chemical missiles. You can stop the creation of those by killing that weird thing at the center of a vein field, though .This will cause the creation of veins to reverse.
  • Special GDI ending
Leave the NOD's "Temple of NOD" until the very end and make sure your ion cannon destroys it. You will get the special ending.
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