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    Command & Conquer 64

    Access all BuildingsThis code will enable you to have access to all the buildings.While playing, press Left C, then hold A + Right C. If entered correctly, you will hear a voice give you the new building options.
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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation

    Chronoshift To get a chronoshifter, enter this code. Place the cursor over the corresponding symbols on the sidebar, and then press cancel (the circle Button on the default settings). Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle. Easy Money To enter this code, place the cursor over the...
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    Command & Conquer

    Extra Covert Operation Missions Enter COVERTOPS as a password at the password screen. (Game must be completed first). | [Sent by CenturionZ_1] Full map Pause gameplay and press Circle x3, Up, Circle, Square, R1, Circle x3. | [Sent by CenturionZ_1] Instant ion cannon Pause the game and...
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    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

    Artillery Tricks If you are playing a Multiplayer Skirmish, build up about 10-20 artillery. Take them into the enemy base(s), deploy them, and reek havoc on the enemy base. If the enemy is Nod and they have a Stealth Generator, Bring in a Mobile Sensor Array along with the artillery. Baby...
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    Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

    2 likely nuke attacks At first this sounds impossible because you can build only one nuke silo but if your libya and captured one allied construction yard for building chronosphere, you can nuke attack two times! build 9 demo trucks, align it with a perfect square so you can chrono it...
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    Command and Conquer

    80092E4B 0064 100% Efficiency 80092E53 00C8 Maximum GDI Killed 80092E4F 00C8 Maximum Nod Killed 80092E53 0000 No GDI Killed 80092E4F 0000 No Nod Killed 80092E5F 00C8 Maximum GDI Buildings Lost 80092E5B 00C8 Maximum Nod Buildings Lost 80092E5F 0000 No GDI...
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    Command & Conquer

    Command & Conquer Instruction Manual THE CONTROLS Basic Maneuvers Directional Button Gives you cursor and map movement. X Button Affirms an action. Use this button to select units, structures, etc...
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