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Cat Sense​

Hold L2 to access Hunting mode. To go to Cat Sense, concentrate on a glowing icon to make it darker, and it will automatically change into Cat Sense. Stop however, and it will turn back to Hunting mode.

Finding Cat Eyes​

If you have problems finding Cat Eyes, press Triangle to use your cat vision. Some of them are hidden behind posters and other objects.

Kitty dance​

Allow the game to idle and Catwoman will do a dance.

Level 1: Dodging bullets​

While on the level 1, there will be a hail of bullets. To dodge them, hold L1 and run around. The chances of you getting hit will be decreased.

Midnight the cat​

When Catwoman comes across this little feline she is in luck. Finding Midnight gives Catwoman nine lives.

Unlimited diamonds and level tip​

When you enter the Hadware factory having dropped the big boiler through the roof, after the FMV you'll find yourself in large enclosure with only one exit. Use your whip to remove the panel cover and crawl through.Go left to the control room where you'll be attacked by two guards, kick them around a little until they are joined by a third guard. Now two get all 'scaredycat' and run off through the doorway.Keep the third guard away from the door and kick him until he's in the room you first entered,Kick him into the pit!
This works in two ways,He is now trapped and you can kick him around the room to your hearts content will maxing out on all those yummy diamonds. Secondly, go back to the control room and whip all the switches etc. that show up on your cat sense, this causes a series of tall crates to move on the conveyor belt back where you started.The trick is to jump from crate to crate as they move,Tricky,aha but thanks to handing security guard, kick him across the crates path and they stop allowing you to easily hop across to the other side and the checkpoint.

Vault Code​

The code to unlock the vault is 1940 which is the year that Catwoman first appeared in the comics. This will unlock new galleries as well as a new comic book cover.
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