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    Level passwords 2 - K6T@1 3 - 1QT@@ 4 - KQYXY 5 - 1@FVQ 6 - K@FVP 7 - @JFV4 8 - KJFZR 9 - 16TJV
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    Catwoman Ending

    Game Boy Color surely had a lot of comic & film based titles, so here's another! Played by Vaz and recorded by V.E.D., as part of the videogame endings database, whose goal is to catalogue and create the world's largest archive of videogame endings!
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    Cat SenseHold L2 to access Hunting mode. To go to Cat Sense, concentrate on a glowing icon to make it darker, and it will automatically change into Cat Sense. Stop however, and it will turn back to Hunting mode.
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    1 (M) 50GJ-8YXG-QAVB9 8RHE-9PV1-H31EJ 2 Infinite Health DAJC-Y8DH-WPEYM JWZ3-0YC5-Q1CU9 3 All These Points CHE7-CWV4-WT5EE EKX1-GN9C-EVRKP 4 Infinite Diamonds ZAHE-N6VE-BW5TU KHH4-DG0G-6MPN4
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    Catwoman Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Easy win When fighting someone, repeatedly press B and move the D-pad around. It eventually get stuck and you will defeat your opponent.
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