final kaoss

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All racers​

Press R2(3), L1, Triangle, L2(3), R1, Square at the title screen.


Beat this car in Face off 4.

Ending bonuses​

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Free Run mode (no vehicles on the road), Free Run Twin mode (two player Free Run), and Credits options.

Face Off option​

Successfully complete championship mode once to unlock face off mode against the Roadster.

Increase boost​

Drive on the wrong side of the road to keep increasing your boost. This can also be done by driving in the center of a double lane.


Defeat the Roadster in face off mode to unlock it and another face off race against another car.

Saloon GT​

Beat this car in Face Off 3 to unlock the Saloon GT.


Play in championship mode until you unlock Face Off number 2 in the special options screen.
Defeat the Towtruck once to unlock it.
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