Burnout 3: Takedown

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4WD Heavy Duty
Get 10 Million Crash Dollars.

4WD Racer
Get 2 Million Crash Dollars.

Allow a Pass
If you are low on boost and a rival is right behind you, slow down until he passes you. Then, get a takedown by making them crash. This gives you a lot of boost and guarantees they won’t come back on you at the end.

Assassin Compact Car
Get 15 Takedowns.

Assassin Coupe Car
Get 60 Takedowns.

Assassin Muscle Car
Get 30 Takedowns.

Assassin Sports Car
Get 100 Takedowns.

Assassin Super Car
Get 150 Takedowns.

B-Team Van
Get 15 Million Crash Dollars.

Change Song
Hold L2 + R2 during game play to advance to the next song.

Change Song
Hold L2 during game play to advance to the next song.

City Bus
Get 70 Million Crash Dollars.

Civilian with helmets
In any level of any mode (road rage, time attack, etc.), stop in front of a civilian car. If you look into the windshield closely, you can see that the civilian inside is wearing a racing outfit, with the racing helmet on.

Classic Hotrod
Get a Gold Medal in each Special Event to get a postcard. Collect all Special Event Postcards.

Compact DX Car
In World Tour Mode, get 4 Gold Medals.

Compact Prototype
Get all gold in Compact series and beat it one-on-one.

Compact Types 1, 2, And 3
Available from the start of the compact race series.

Continuous crash sound
Go to the crash course and select one of farther courses (where most of the roads are blocked by busses). Approach the launch ramp. Try to land on a bus and you will keep hearing a crash sound continuously.

Coupe DX Car
Get 18 gold medals in world tour mode.

Coupe Prototype
Get all gold in Coupe series and beat it one-on-one.

Coupe Types 1, 2, And 3
Win a Gold Medal in the Waterfront Muscle Grand Prix.

Custom Compact Car
In World Tour Mode, get 10,000 Burnout Points.

Custom Coupe Car
In World Tour Mode, get 50,000 Burnout Points.

Custom Coupe Ultimate
Win a Gold Medal in all crash events.

Custom Muscle Car
In World Tour Mode, get 25,000 Burnout Points.

Custom Sports Car
In World Tour Mode, get 100,000 Burnout Points.

Custom Super Car
In World Tour Mode, get 200,000 Burnout Points.

Dominator Compact
Win a Gold Medal in the Kings Of The Road Face-Off.

Dominator Coupe
Win a Gold Medal in the Frozen Peak Face-Off 1.

Dominator Muscle
Win a Gold Medal in the Lakeside Getaway Face-Off 2.

Dominator Sports
Win a Gold Medal in the Alpine Face-Off.

Dominator Super
Win a Gold Medal in the Dockside Face-Off.

Easy money in Crash mode
When you get to the main menu, go to "Single Event" and "Crash Mode". Select "Junction 19", "Tuk Down", and "Muscle type 1" as your car. Boost start at the beginning. Drift and collect either the gold or silver (it is possible to collect both of them). Smash through the boxes avoiding the wall, into the boost and up evenly on the jump, avoiding the heart-breaker to your right. Collect the x2 multiplier and after touch, making sure you try to land evenly without hitting any boxes. Slide into the Crashbreaker, and get to the x4 multiplier past the buses in aftertouch. If you get knocked out of the way by the buses, wait until you stop and press Crashbreaker. Aim in the direction of the x4 multiplier. If you miss, you always have the x2 as a fail safe. It is possible to get $1,500,000 to $1,750,000. Repeat this, and do not select "Retry"; as all the money adds up to the total score.

Go to junction titled "On-Rampage". The largest car you have will work best. Getting the boost start at the beginning is not required, but it does help. It is possible grab the silver or bronze pick-ups, then pick up the 4x multiplier and hit the car that is closest to the yellow strip on the road in the oncoming lanes. Use aftertouch to try to stay in the spot that you hit that car. Wait until there are two or three seconds remaining, then use your Crashbreaker to explode. Try to take out the gas tankers with the explosion. It is possible to get $1.8 million to $2.5 million.

When you have crashed into a Crashbreaker icon, try using aftertouch to launch your self through the air and hit an oil tanker. Note: This is difficult; you need to know where they come from in the level. Hopefully your Crashbreaker meter should have gone down. Press R2 to blow yourself up and the oil tanker. This will result in $99,990 for the oil tanker, and if you can get the 4x multiplier, you will have stacks.

Go to Junction 100 (a.k.a. "Crashed Out") and choose "Fire truck" as your vehicle. Get the boost start at the beginning and grab the boost pick-up. Steer clear of all three ramps and keep going the wrong way. Eventually you will see two semi-trucks heading toward you. Try to hit the one on the right. Use aftertouch and go to the other side of the freeway (try not to go downhill). When you use Crashbreaker you will make all three tankers explode. The exploded tankers are worth almost $100,000. You should get more then $400,000.

Go to Crash Junction #40 (or "Drive Angry") in Single Event mode. Crash and choose one of the heavyweights (for example, the Firetruck). It should work with anything with at least five bars of weight. Start and get the boost. Avoid the walls and heartbreaker and slam into the semi. You should get a Crashbreaker almost immediately. Use it to drive down the other dirt path and get the 4X multiplier. If you hit it correctly, you should get at least $900,000 and also you may see small cars dropping out of the sky as a result of the Crashbreaker.

Easy takedown
As soon as any race begins, immediately get behind the nearest opponent and hold Boost. You will start getting "Tailgating" points and will receive a short boost. Use this boost to quickly slam your opponent. This will result in a takedown about 90% of the time and will immediately fill your entire boost bar.

When in race or takedown events, get behind your rival's car, then boost. This should take them out. If not, slam into them (while using boost) on the back corners of the car. This should take them out against a wall.

Go to road rage in single player mode. Pick USA Silverlake southbound as the track. Choose Assassin Super as your car. Throttle it to the other drivers. Start pounding them and keep Boost held. Do not bother to slow down for the corners, just slide around them. Your rivals will do the same. Keep pushing up the back of them, and after a moment they will go flying and you will get a takedown. You can get more than 30 takedowns by doing this.

To easily take a car down, go behind it. Then boost behind it and shunt it. It will immediately be taken out.

Euro-circuit Racer
Unlock all takedown trophies.

Extra boost
On crash courses, use the Right Analog-stick to point up on the countdown. On each second, rotate it in a circle. On the last second, rotate it around twice to get an extra shot of boost.

Get three takedowns so that you have a good amount of boost in your boost bar. Drive in the oncoming lane with your boost. Your boost will not go down and become infinite until you crash or go out of the oncoming traffic. Note: This works even better in Burning Lap, Preview Lap, and Special Event modes. You will actually start gaining boost when this is done in those events.

In Crash mode, press L1 and R1 repeatedly during the countdown. Sometimes you will start with about five seconds of boost.

Fire Truck
Unlock all crash headlines in world tour mode.

Getting into big corners
When at full speed (outside), hold Boost so that you will take the corner from the outside. Yyou will grind one of your sides for the entire time. When drifting with boost (cutting), start drifting and turn your car so you will be facing the one third of the road (about 35 degrees from the edge of road) and press Boost. You will achieve a drift bonus and get the corner really fast. When drifting (cutting), approach into the corner, drift, and make sure you stay on road for faster speed. You will achieve drift. When slowing down (inside), release Gas and take the corner slowly from the inside.

Get at least the indicated amount of damage in crash mode.

Alpine Smash!: $900,000 in Alpine.
Bayside Blitz!: $900,000 in Waterfront.
Dockside Ridge Ruin!: $1,000,000 in Dockside.
Downtown Demolition!: $650,000 in Downtown.
Golden City Madness!: $750,000 in Golden City.
Grape Harvest Crushed!: $850,000 in Vineyard.
Riviera Wreck!: $750,000 in Riviera.
Silver Lake Lunacy!: $600,000 in Silver Lake.
Trouble In Paradise!: $750,000 in Island Paradise.
Winter City Frozen!: $800,000 in Winter City.

Heavy Pickup
Get 1 Million Crash Dollars.

INT Express Delivery Truck
Get 20 Million Crash Dollars.

Longnose Cab
Get $50 million in cumulative damage in world tour mode or online crash modes to unlock this vehicle in crash mode.

Making Life Easier
When you start a new game go to single race and do crash and road rage until you start unlocking cars. Now start your world tour and those cars that you unlocked accept the heavy class cars can be used in your world tour. This will give you a bit of help getting races done faster because the cars are stronger, faster and more fun.

Modified Compact
Win a Gold Medal in the Waterfront Face-Off.

Modified Coupe
Win a Gold Medal in the Alpine Race.

Modified Muscle
Win a Gold Medal in the Mountain Parkway Face-Off 1.

Modified Sports
Win a Gold Medal in the Continental Run Face-Off 2.

Modified Super
Win a Gold Medal in the Golden City Face-Off.

Move after you have stopped in crash mode
After you have peofrmed your crash, save the Crashbreaker and look around to see if there are items or more cars you can hit. Use the Crashbreaker, and guide yourself with R1 and the D-pad to where ever you want to go. This can move you pretty far, and can get you over trailers and big trucks.

Muscle DX Car
In World Tour Mode, get 10 Gold Medals.

Muscle Prototype
Get all gold in Muscle series and beat it one-on-one.

Muscle Types 1, 2, And 3
Win a Gold Medal in the Silver Lake Compact Grand Prix.

Need For Speed Underground Cars
Complete all Crash Mode levels with a 'Gold' rank. Then, hold L2 + R2 while choosing a car at the vehicle selection screen.

Oval Racer Special
Unlock all signature takedowns.

Quick Start
Hold the gas while tapping the brakes to get your tires smoking. When the countdown is between '1' and 'Go', release the gas, then press it again.

When you are about to start a race, hold X during the countdown and tap Square. This will make your tires spin and you will gain speed faster.

As soon as the race starts and the countdown begins, hold X + Square. As soon as the countdown reaches "1", release Square. To do this correctly, you must have some sense of rhythm. Wait until the countdown is three quarters of the way down between "1" and "Go", then release X and quickly press it again. If done correctly, you will get a boost start.

Signature Takedowns
Signature Takedowns are takedowns that are performed in World Tour Mode, and will unlock a photo in the Signature Takedowns section of your Driver Details area

Avalanche! - Get a Takedown over the edge of Alpine bridges
Berth Trauma - Get a Takedown into Riviera marina
Catch the Tour Bus - Catch the Tour BusGet a Takedown into the parked tour buses in Island Paradise
Euro Tram RamGet - Get a Takedown into a Winter City tram
Gone Fishin' - Get a Takedown over the cliff by the trailer park in Silver Lake
Grapes of Wrath - Get a Takedown into a wine truck
Hit the Split - Get a Takedown into the wall at the tunnel entrance in Downtown
Home Wrecker - Get a Takedown into a motor home
Market-Stalled - Get a Takedown in the Golden City market
Paid the Price - Get a Takedown into the Alpine toll booths
Pillar Driller - Get a Takedown into the "L" train supports in Downtowm
Riviera Roustabout - Get a Takedown into Riviera's roundabout monument
Rumble in the Jungle - Get a Takedown on the Island Paradise offroad route
Ship Wreck - Get a Takedown in the Dockside tanker port
Snowed Under - Get a Takedown into a snowplow
Tram Ram - Get a Takedown into a Waterfront tram
Truck Torpedo - Get a Takedown into a big rig that is carrying speed boats
Tuk-Down - Get a Takedown into a Tuk-Tuk
Tunnel of Shove - Get a Takedown into a tunnel support in Dockside

Sports DX Car
In World Tour Mode, get 25 Gold Medals.

Sports Prototype
Get all gold in Sports series and beat it one-on-one.

Sports Types 1, 2, And 3
Win a Gold Medal in the Vineyard Coupe Grand Prix.

SSX 3 reference
Sometimes Striker (the radio DJ) talks about "DJ Atomika". Atomika is from SSX 3.

Starting Direction
You can turn your car while wheel spinning at the beginning of a crash junction. This can be useful for aiming at a pick-up or ramp.

Super DX Car
In World Tour Mode, get 32 Gold Medals.

Super Prototype
Get all gold in Super series and beat it one-on-one.

Super Types 1, 2, And 3
Available from the start of the super race series.

SUV Deluxe
Get 5 Million Crash Dollars.

Tractor Cab
Get 30 Million Crash Dollars.

Trash Truck
Get $90 million in world tour mode.

Tuned Compact
Win a Gold Medal in Downtown Race 1.

Tuned Coupe
Win a Gold Medal in the Vineyard Face-Off.

Tuned Muscle
Win a Gold Medal in the Kings Of The Road Race.

Tuned Sports
Win a Gold Medal in the Continental Run Race 2.

Tuned Super
Win a Gold Medal in the Island Paradise Face-Off.

U.S. Circuit Racer
Win a Gold Medal in Super GP.

Unlocking cars
Choose your favorite track in world tour mode and race it repeatedly (do not retry). Continue, then repeat.

Find a stage or track in world tour mode that you can get a lot of money from. Keep playing that track until you have unlocked the next car in your line-up.

World Circuit Racer
Win a Gold Medal in all race events.
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