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Bionic Commando

(Note: Yes I know the manual is full of mistakes and non sequitors, and
yes I know that it confuses the functions of the A and B buttons. This is
a verbatim copy of the manual, and yes, it _was_ this bad. -tsr)


Bionic Commando(tm)

Instruction Manual


A Special Message From Captain Commando!

Thank you for selecting fun-filled Bionic Commando(tm) of the exclusive
Nintendo Entertainment System video games from the Captain Commando
"Challenge Series".

Bionic Commando(tm), created by CAPCOM(c)...premier world-wide arcade game
designer... features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution graphics.

This high quality game pack is Licensed by Nintendo(r) for Play on the
Nintendo Entertainment System (r)


I'll talk about a person which I've met when I was young.

In 198X we've found Nazz's top secret material called Abatros, a plan which
never was put to practice.

Imperial forces Generalissimo Killt had never seen this plan, and decided to
materialize this plan.

The federation decided to stop his attempt by sending our hero Super Joe, but
lost contact with him.

Our brave man (you the player) was sent to the empire with a special mission
to rescue Super Joe, this story begins from here...


Names of controller parts and operating instructions

Controller #1 - Moves Player 1.
Button A: Shoots Guns.
Button B: To extend Bionic Arm.

1. Normal Gun, Wide Gun, Rocket Fun, 3-Way Fun, Machine Gun, Hyper Bazooka
are used by Button B.
2. Flare Bomb, Medicine are used by Start Button.
3. Items like 1 Up, POW, Medicine which come down on parachutes can be used
by catching them.


Use map in subscreen to proceed with your game.
Player starts from area 0 and transfer along the route.
Each numbered squares are the areas and as soon as your player reaches,
screen will change to battle scene.
Helicopter will transfer your player to the destination area.

When your player helicopter starts to transfer, enemy vehicles will start to
move also.
When you reach destination without being confronted by enemy vehicle, you
have a choice of either to play that area (descend) or still transfer to
other area.


Weapon selection

Item selection can be done using your controller cursor.
Move flashing squares to item you want, then press "A" twice to start, you
can cancel it.

When player decides to "descend", weapons selections scene will appear.
You may take weapon, protector, special weapon, and communicatiors and you
may select one each.
You can obtain more items while you play and stock them as you go and you'll
have more to choose from.

Earned weapons

Normal Gun - You have it to start with
Wide Gun - You can shoot at wide range but reach is shoot
Rocket Gun - It penetrates and destroys enemies, you can shoot continuously
3-Way Gun - You can shoot in 3 ways It can break the shield
Joe's Machinegun - Range - 22.5 degrees
Hyper Bazooka - Federal Army's new weapon. It can go through the cockpit of
Flare Bomb - Use in the cave, use with start button

Player - Shoot in 8 directions, wave wires

Bonus Characters

Medicine - Recovers player's energy up to max. Use with start button
Iron Boots - Kick and kill enemies
Permit - Needed to enter certain neutral areas
Magazine System - You can combine with Normal Gun and make a Machine Gun
Helmet - Will protect you from enemies' bullets 3 times
Charm - Repulse one bullet
Bulletproof Vest - Repulse one out of two bullets
1 Up - Add one player
POW - Energy ball will appear and go around the player to protect him for 7s.
Communicator - There are a, b, c, d communicators, You can communicate with
compatible ones
Bullet - Appears when you defeat enemies

Enemy Characters

Knife Wielding Soldier
Soldiers - Run towards the Player and shoot
Suicide Bomber - Throw bombs at Player from a certain distance
Jeep - Move sideways and shoots downwards
Bearded Soldier
Giant Soldier (Boss)
Barrier Soldier
Double Deck Cannon
Laser Cannon
Wired Gunner (Boss)
Construction Soldier
Wired Soldier
Crane Caterpillar
Normal Soldier
Remote Control Soldier
Heavy Object Throwing Soldier
Cannon Mobile


*Bionic Commando Instruction Manual by Capcom
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