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  • Conquer Levels Easily
An easy way to get to the next level is to go back to the dungeon where you found the Omega Sword and die. Then exit the dungeon and slay the first zombie that you see ? you should gain a level for doing so. Repeat this to gain as many levels as you want!
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  • Extra Items
If you have a Shade, Efreet, Dytto, or Bow Call, drop it and fire your "Light Ball" at it. (Make sure it is a direct hit.) Viola! You now have the spirit you summoned, but an extra item:the List.

Dytto: Max HP ham
Efreet: 20 Omega Sword
Shade: Heart
Bow: Elixir
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  • Infinite Weapons
One of Beyond Oasis's great features is an assortment of super weapons hidden throughout the game. Here's how to find most of them.

Infinite Hyper Bomb: After coming out of the Volcano. There is a treasure chest with a Shade crystal in it. Jump South off of that little cliff and you will be taken to the Secret Crags.

Infinite Atomic Bow: In the south west part of the map on the beach with all the weapons use ali's doppelganger move with shade and you will find a teleporter to a fighting area where you can use items, but not spirits. Defeat all the enemies but you DON'T open any treasure chests. at the end go through the teleporter on the right and open the chest to find the Infinite Atomic Bow.

Infinite Fire Bow: When going to North East Campsite there is a walled place in the hill. You need efreet in this place. Break open the wall by hitting it. Use efreet's fire ball to get him in the race track. As soon as you launch the fireball, start running east.

Infinite Steel Bow: When you have beaten the beach cave there is a Peg sticking out of a swamp with Logs around it. You need shade to get in. There is a bow and dytto crystal, 50 Omega, Infinite Metal,, Lettuce, elixir, and Shade call.

Infinite Omega Sword: When going to the Plant (Forest Shrine) there is a row of zombies that comes up. At the end of that row you'll find a lone tree with n eerie glow to it. Behind the tree you'll find a pit labyrinth with 100 levels. The Omega Sword is on the last level of this pit.

Tip: You can't take a spirit in but you can summon one inside. Summon Dytto off of Slime Plops or Efreet off of any fire. Keep Dytto for as long as you can. DON'T cancel her. She will come in handy.
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  • Quickly Flip Airknife
To quickly flip the Airknife, press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, and B at the title screen.
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  • Special Attacks
These special attacks will leave your opponents reeling.
Grand Spin: Hold B, rotate the D-pad clockwise and release B.

Flip Slash: Hold B, press Forward, Back, Forward and release B.

Flash Stab: Press Forward, Forward, Forward, B.

Triple Flip (with aliknife):
For 1 flip, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, B.
For 2 flips, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, B, B.
For 3 flips, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, B, B, B.

Note: These directions assume you're facing up.

Sword Barrage (with any sword): Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, B.

Note: These directions assume you're facing up.

Running Slash (with aliknife): Press Toward, Toward, B.
Ali runs toward the target(s) and slashes. If he hits, then whatever he's slashing at goes spinning through the air and crashes to the ground! Looks great.

Running Stab (with aliknife): Press Toward, Toward, Toward, B
Ali runs and stabs his enemy two or three times. Doesn't look as flashy, but it does A LOT of damage.
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  • Unlimited Cheese
After fighting for the first time, you meet an old man with a box. Hit the box and pick up the item. Now leave and enter again. The box will return, hit it and pick up the item. Do it until you have enough cheese.
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  • View Score Screen
At the title screen, hold B and press Start.
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