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    Defenders of Oasis

    Sound testHold Up and press Start at the title screen.
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    Defenders of Oasis game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Also Known As: Sadam Crusader - Harukanaru Oukoku (J) or Shadam Crusader Pro Action Replay Codes: Infinite Dinar [Money] 00DB-79FF -Rid Infinite Energy [Genie] - 00DC11FF -Rid Infinite Energy [Salem] - 00DC21FF -Rid Infinite Energy [Agmar] - 00DC31FF -Rid Infinite Items Slot 1 - 00DB7F:09 2 -...
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    Beyond Oasis

    Best Players Screen To view the best players screen (which is firstly seen on completion of the game), press B + Start at the title screen. Flash Stab Press Forward, Forward, Forward, B. Flip Splash Hold B, press Forward, Backward, Forward, and then release B. Grand Spin Hold B, rotate...
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    Beyond Oasis Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Conquer Levels Easily An easy way to get to the next level is to go back to the dungeon where you found the Omega Sword and die. Then exit the dungeon and slay the first zombie that you see ? you should gain a level for doing so. Repeat this to gain as many levels as you want!
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