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Darth Dorky

The skill fruit tree is probably one of the most unique and brilliant features. I think more could and should be done with the concept!

Issue: It's pretty common for skill fruit trees to be picked clean, even on low population servers. Allowing players to house their own could be very effective in promoting longer Palworld tenure and prove to make player bases more aesthetically pleasing. It would also help to have some sort of influence on what type of Skill Fruits you receive.

Summary: Allow us to create, upgrade, and maintenance Skill Fruit trees in our base to promote longer end-game playability and versatility of base operations.

1) Very hefty initial costs. Ex: 2000 Paldium Fragments, 2000 Stone, 2000 Wood, 1000 Carbon Fiber (For Lining) 50 Pal Fluids, 50 High Quality Pal Fluids.

2) Upgrade costs doubling each rank (starting with base cost) to increase the amount of fruit produced by the tree by +1 per rank up to 5 (4 Upgrades, 1 Fruit Base) and increasing the rarity chance of the fruit produced each rank.

3) Maintenance:
3a) Tree's health degrades over time. Upon degrading past certain milestones, reduces the # of fruit produced. Requires watering, or the rate of health degradation increases.
3b) Repairing Requires player-direct labor OR Rank 5 Handiwork (Upgraded Anubis). Repairing requires Paldium Fragments (Or a recipe using Pal Frags) to restore the energy of the tree. 10% of the Base Cost (rank 1) for a 100% Repair of all rank trees.
Ex: Rank 2 Skill Fruit Tree at 49% health now only produces 1 Fruit but produces 2 @ 50%.
Ex 2: Rank 5 Skill fruit Tree only produces 2 Fruit when at 39% but produces 3 @ 40%.

4) Fruit Type - can be influenced by assigning a Pal to the tree. Having a pal assigned slows the health degeneration of the tree and increases the chance of fruit of that pal's type being produced.
Ex: Jormuntide Ignis being assigned to the tree increases the chance of Fire/Dragon Skill Fruit being produced at 3x (+200% each) the chance of other elemental types.
Ex 2: Lifmunk being assigned to the tree increases the chance of Leaf Skill Fruit being produced at 5x (+400%) the rate of other fruits, as Lifmunk has only one type.
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