Banjo-Pilot (Codebreaker/EUR)

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final kaoss

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Pitch Frequency Modifier

XXXX+XXXX - the amount of pitch frequency(Both values combined)
7FC3+0139 - normal

Off-beat Music
3300588F 00E2

Game Mode Modifier
32001C5C 000X

0 - Quick Race?
1 - Grand Prix
2 - Time Trial
3 - Jiggy Challenge
4 - Boss Fight

Value 4 is prone to crash the game in Grand Prix mode, but works well in Time Trial mode. Values other than 1 (in Grand Prix only) just makes the game reset after passing the race results screen.

Music Modifier

XX - Digit to replace song.

00 - Spiral Mountain/Clanker's River/Mayahem Temple
01 - Jinxy's Dunes/Gobi's Valley/Terrydactyland
02 - Hailfire Peaks/Grunty Industries/Steamy Vents
03 - Race Results
04 - Menus(Diddy Kong Pilot leftover)
05 - Title Screen. Diddy Kong Pilot leftover.
06 - Spiral Mountain/Clanker's River/Mayahem Temple, last lap
07 - Race track intro
08 - Race start
09 - Race Won, 1st place
0A - Race Won, 2nd to 4th place
0B - Race lost, 5th to 10th place?
0C - Jinxy's Dunes/Gobi's Valley/Terrydactyland, last lap
0D - Hailfire Peaks/Grunty Industries/Steamy Vents, last lap
0E - Treasure Trove Cove/J. Roger's Lagoon/Breegull Beach
0F - Treasure Trove Cove/J. Roger's Lagoon/Breegull Beach, last lap
10 - Invincibility
11 - Freezeezy Peak/Freezing Furnace/Cauldron Keep
12 - Freezeezy Peak/Freezing Furnace/Cauldron Keep, last lap
13 - Cranky Kong's cabin(Leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot)
14 - Using Thunder item
15 - Boss fight
16 - Boss fight, final lap. Unused leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot
17 - Using Thunder item, reverse
18 - Cheato
19 - Title screen (Cranky Kong Pilot. Diddy Kong Pilot leftover)
1A - Trophy ceremony
1B - "Go Glowbo Go"(Oddly has the last chimp sound intact.)
1C - Title (Final Banjo-Pilot)
1D - Bottles (Final Banjo-Pilot)
1E - Gruntilda/Witchyworld
1F - Last lap alert(Witchyworld)
20 - Witchyworld, last lap(yes, both 1F and 20 are separated)
21 - Multiplayer

Turn on the code first, then off. If left on, the game tries to play the pretended song, but won't be able to, as the code overwrites the FFFFFFFF with the new value over and over.

Music Speed Modifier

XXXX+XXXX - Speed of musics(Both values combined)
1AAA+0041 - normal
Banjo-Pilot (USA)

CodeBreaker Encryption Code - 9B3BF6118A4C
TopBlue Ice Egg [Press B+L]MadCatz
TopGolden Feather [Press B+L+R]MadCatz
FC8C0485BADD 53FA33B7C432
TopMumbo's Head [Press B+A+L]MadCatz
EC8C8584BAD9 43FAF2B6C436
TopRed Fire Egg [Press B+R]MadCatz
TopSaucer of Peril [Press B+A+R]MadCatz
TopTurbo Trainers [Press B+A]MadCatz
EC8C8584BBD9 41FBFAF6C576
TopHave 990 PagesMadCatz
TopHave All TrophiesMadCatz
E439A8967EBC 6B8AC4DE782C A650A240DFB7 3B57DA7B1D02
TopHave All UnlockedMadCatz
4B8E84FAE3A4 A45637329C1A 6B8AC8D6BB85
TopInfinite HealthMadCatz
TopUnlock All CharactersMadCatz
TopUnlock All CupsMadCatz
TopUnlock All TracksMadCatz
TopWin Race [Press Select+A]MadCatz
E68DA944BA81 0BF41E0C01CC E68DA944BA81 2145FAC09BD3
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz
9B3BF6118A4C C468FF20C7B9 B4C436E59C1E
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