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    Banjo-Pilot (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Blue Ice Egg [Press B+L] MadCatz FC8C4485BADD 49FBDE76C56E Top Golden Feather [Press B+L+R] MadCatz FC8C0485BADD 53FA33B7C432 Top Mumbo's Head [Press B+A+L] MadCatz EC8C8584BAD9 43FAF2B6C436 Top Red Fire Egg [Press B+R] MadCatz FC8C0485BBDD...
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    Banjo-Pilot (Codebreaker/EUR)

    Pitch Frequency Modifier 8203CC5C XXXX 8203CC5E XXXX XXXX+XXXX - the amount of pitch frequency(Both values combined) 7FC3+0139 - normal Off-beat Music 3300588F 00E2 Game Mode Modifier 32001C5C 000X 0 - Quick Race? 1 - Grand Prix 2 - Time Trial 3 - Jiggy Challenge 4 - Boss Fight Value 4 is...
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