Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home

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Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home
1(M) Must Be On0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
2Stop TimerDEA2D69E BCA99B87
Player 1 Codes
Health Codes
3Infinite HealthDEA23826 BCA9A447
475% Health0EA23826 BCA9A447
DEA23826 BCA9A2D6
550% Health0EA23826 BCA9A447
DEA23826 BCA99F65
625% Health0EA23826 BCA9A447
DEA23826 BCA99DF4
7Low HealthDEA23826 BCA99B84
Stun Codes
8Quickly Small Stunned0EA23678 BCA99B83
CEA23678 BCA99B2D
9Never Small StunnedCEA23678 BCA99B83
10Quickly Medium Stunned0EA2367A BCA99B83
11Never Medium StunnedCEA2367A BCA99B83
12Quickly Large Stunned0EA23604 BCA99B83
CEA23604 BCA99D3B
13Never Large StunnedCEA23604 BCA99B83
Player 2 Codes
Health Codes
14Infinite HealthDEA20FE6 BCA9A447
1575% Health0EA20FE6 BCA9A447
1650% Health0EA20FE6 BCA9A447
1725% Health0EA20FE6 BCA9A447
Stun Codes
18Quickly Small Stunned0EA20538 BCA99B83
CEA20538 BCA99B2D
19Never Small StunnedCEA20538 BCA99B83
20Quickly Medium Stunned0EA2053A BCA99B83
21Never Medium StunnedCEA2053A BCA99B83
22Quickly Large Stunned0EA205C4 BCA99B83
23Never Large StunnedCEA205C4 BCA99B83
Unlock Character Codes
24TyleneDEA3F922 BCA99B83
25KarnageDEA3F9C2 BCA99B83
26Masked MikeDEA3F9E2 BCA99B83
27Violent JDEA3F9F2 BCA99B83
28Shaggy 2 DopeDEA3F882 BCA99B83
29SabuDEA3F892 BCA99B83
30Atrocity XxxDEA3F8A2 BCA99B83
31Mad Man PondoDEA3F8B2 BCA99B83
32Jcw's Evil DeadDEA3F872 BCA99B83
33Masked Horn DogDEA3F872 BCA99B83
34El DrunkoDEA3F802 BCA99B83
35SallyDEA3F812 BCA99B83
36MadroxDEA3F832 BCA99B83
37Tom DubDEA3F8D2 BCA99B83
38Ross LoverDEA3F8F2 BCA99B83
39Dameon ReddDEA3FF82 BCA99B83
40Da Bone DoctorDEA3FF92 BCA99B83
41El ChicharronDEA3FFA2 BCA99B83
42Sonny D ChopperDEA3FFB2 BCA99B83
43RosieDEA3FF42 BCA99B83
44Adrianne PainDEA3FF52 BCA99B83
45HerniaDEA3FF62 BCA99B83
46Backyard BedlamDEA407FE BCA99B83
47Truckstop TurmoilDEA40782 BCA99B83
48Meatlocker MashDEA40796 BCA99B83
49Club BeatdownDEA4079A BCA99B83
50Shopping SpreeDEA407AE BCA99B83
51Mansion MayhemDEA407B2 BCA99B83
52Talkshow TerrorDEA40746 BCA99B83
53MallDEA30506 BCA99B83
54MansionDEA3050A BCA99B83
55Television StudioDEA3051E BCA99B83
56Backyard Babes 101DEA3052E BCA99B83
57Horsing AroundDEA30532 BCA99B83
58Bumps And BruisesDEA305C6 BCA99B83
59Collateral DamageDEA305CA BCA99B83
60Kids Today..DEA305DE BCA99B83
61Jcw BoysDEA305E2 BCA99B83
62Clown ChaosDEA305F6 BCA99B83
63CreditsDEA3048E BCA99B83
64King Of The HillDEA2F7B2 BCA99B83
65TagDEA2F746 BCA99B83
Extra Stuff
66Show Debug InfoDEB84D82 BCA99B84
67Press L1+L2 For Clean Pause0E1FC2F8 BCA99582
DEB78002 BCA99B84
68Press R1+R2 To Resume0E1FC2F8 BCA99082
DEB78002 BCA99B83
69Stretched ScreenDE507E0A FAA99B83

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