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    Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home

    Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home 1 (M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE903FDA BCD75A6A 2 Stop Timer DEA2D69E BCA99B87 Player 1 Codes Health Codes 3 Infinite Health DEA23826 BCA9A447 4 75% Health 0EA23826 BCA9A447 DEA23826 BCA9A2D6 5 50% Health 0EA23826 BCA9A447...
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    Backyard Sports - Baseball 2007 (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Maximum Skill MadCatz 671501B1ABEB 68EDBAEFFDD6 6ACD3AFFFDD4 65F5A9E1A9E8 Top On Fire MadCatz 6F8D12A92980 Top Slam Dunk MadCatz 6F4D1EE92981 Top Stunned Rivals MadCatz 678530A86980 Top Tornado MadCatz 65A5E0B46B9A Top Start With 20 Points...
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    Backyard Baseball '09

    Game ID: YABE-37B50EC6 ----- Source: Codejunkies BALLS CODES: Never Walk 22156b8b 00000000 1 Ball = Walk 22156b8b 00000003 STRIKE CODES: Never Strike Out 22156b8c 00000000 1 Strike = Out 22156b8c 00000002 L+SELECT=0 Strikes/R+SELECT=2 Strikes 94000130 fdfb0000 22156b8c 00000000 d2000000...
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    Backyard Football 2010

    AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock Big Time QB ( 100 points ) Throw 3 TD passes with one player in a game. Bulldozer ( 100 points ) Run for 200 yards with one player in a game. Fantasy Man ( 100 points )...
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    Backyard Football 2009

    Eli ManningScore five touchdown passes in a game.
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    Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers [SADE70]

    SADE70 Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers Count 0-0-0 (1 Button) 28647F4A 00000200 48000000 8078369C DE000000 80008180 4A100000 0000035C 14000000 00000000 14000004 00000000 14000008 00000000 E0000000 80008000 Count 0-2-2 (2 Button) 28647F4A 00000100 48000000 8078369C DE000000 80008180 4A100000...
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    Backyard Baseball 2010 [RXBE70]

    RXBE70 Backyard Baseball 2010 SCORE 99 Home Team ( C Button) 282E85DA 00004000 041F6D18 00000063 041F6BE8 00000000 E0000000 80008000 Away Team ( - Button) 282E85DA 00001000 041F6D18 00000000 041F6BE8 00000063 E0000000 80008000 COUNT 2-0-2 ( 1 Button) 282E85DA 00000200 042F0B03 00000002...
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    Backyard Football 2009

    Eli Manning Score five touchdown passes in a game. Humongo Dome stadium Advance to the Backyard Bowl. Lava Dome stadium Win the Backyard Bowl.
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    Backyard Football

    Fumbles While on defense, if you and the offensive player with the ball are charging each other, press C at the correct moment and he will fumble the ball. Note: This rarely happens. Humongo Dome Win the Backyard Bowl. Jason Taylor Get five sacks in a game with one player. Larry...
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    Backyard Baseball 2010

    Recommended team You can get a good team easily by customizing them with all new players. Pick five tool players so that it is easy to get your stuff up. For your first three batters make then very fast and increase contact and speed. For the rest, stay the same.
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    Backyard Baseball 2009

    Babe Ruth Hit a Grand Slam in Season mode.
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    Backyard Basketball Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Dunks Only Press Select(2), B(2), Start at the match up screen. Unlimited Turbo Press Up(2), Left, Right, B, A at the match up screen.
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    Backyard Baseball 2007 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Area 51 Make it to the World Series. Unlock Dontrelle Willis Unlock Dontrelle Willis by having one of your kids earn 45 strikeouts. Unlock Hidden Character Play a season, don't need to complete it in order to unlock character Unlockable - How to Unlock Bobby Abreau - Earn 15 Seaon...
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    Backyard Baseball 2006 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Abner Dubbleplay Get 20 skill certificates for your team. Aquadome Stadium Hit a homerun into two bodies of water. One is Gatorflats and the other is Steel Stadium. The Aquadome stadium is all underwater. Barry Dejay Complete the fielders challenge. Dontrelle Willis Enter Bigfish as a...
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    Backyard Baseball Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Aluminum bat Enter POWER to get an aluminum power bat when batting. Boost stats Put players on their real Major League team and they will have boosted stats. Determine type of player's day When your player's picture appears, you can tell what kind of day he or she will have. If their...
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