Any Utilities To Dump SLIM's Flash 0/1 into .img Files?


Besides PSP Filer, which is unable to do this on a 2000. I've tried to dump the flash with PSP Flash Dump v3, but my PSP crashes every time I start it. I'm not sure if this program would dump the flash into .img files anyways, which is what I need a utility to do. PSP Filer is the only one I know of that does this, but I've only gotten it to work on my phatty, and the ReadMe states that it may not work on the slim shady (and no doubt my 2000 is actin' most shady right now). If such a program doesn't currently exist, one needs to be written!


I opened up my MS, and PSP Filer did indeed write the .img files for flashes 0/1 onto it, and they appear to be the correct sizes. This surprised me, due to the read error I got when I dumped the flashes. Question: would using these dumps be problematic, as I received a read error. I have a Pandora & MMS. I'm using a SLIM 2001. I'm just wondering if these dumps are corrupt or not, sense I got the read errors. If so, then we're back to me needing another utility to create .img dumps.


Update #2:
Ok, it appears as if those image files are no good. I don't know of any "other" PSP utility that creates .img/virtual hard disk images out of the flash 0/1 firmware files. So my plan at this point is to create an .img file out of the firmware files using a PC program instead. Does anybody know of a program that does this? I've downloaded about 5 disk image utilities for Windows. It appears as though you need to create a .bin or .iso, or whatever, and convert it to a .img file. I've done some reading and toying around with these programs, to no avail thus far. I'm just pretty unclear of what I need to be doing exactly. The .img file/virtual hard disk I'm needing to create out of my flash 0/1 is going to be for defragmentation purposes, and then to be restored to the PSP using WinImage. HALP PLZ!!!!!!!!!! lol
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