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    Dreamcast TOSEC/TruRip Dump Archive

    I've been waiting a long time to recover the page on assembler games which had the entire Dreamcast library of games via GDI. Positing it here for Archival purposes in case Assemblergames ever goes offliine again. [REQ] Dreamcast Archive | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure Dreamcast TOSEC USA...
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    Any Utilities To Dump SLIM's Flash 0/1 into .img Files?

    Besides PSP Filer, which is unable to do this on a 2000. I've tried to dump the flash with PSP Flash Dump v3, but my PSP crashes every time I start it. I'm not sure if this program would dump the flash into .img files anyways, which is what I need a utility to do. PSP Filer is the only one I...
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