Amazon unveils a couple new Ring cameras that cost less than $100

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    The new Ring Stick Up Cam. [credit: Amazon ]

Alongside the deluge of Echo devices Amazon announced during its autumn hardware event on Wednesday, the company unveiled two new security cameras from its Ring subsidiary: the Ring Indoor Cam and a refreshed model of the Ring Stick Up Cam.
The new Stick Up Cam appears very similar to the previous edition, which Amazon refreshed at an event just last year. It still puts out 1080p video, supports motion detection and night vision, and comes in a weather-resistant cylindrical frame that can be mounted indoors or outside. It’ll still work off wired or battery power, too, but it can now run off a solar-powered accessory as well. It has a slightly worse field of view than the previous battery-powered Stick Up Cam, but it’s much cheaper at $99.99 compared to the previous version’s $179.99. It’s available to pre-order today, with a full release on October 23.
The Ring Indoor Cam, meanwhile, is essentially a tiny version of the Stick Up Cam that only works when wired to a power outlet. It measures 46mm×46mm×75mm, compared to the new Stick Up Cam’s 60mm×60mm×97mm. It also has a slightly wider field of view: 115 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical versus 110 degrees horizontal and 57 degrees vertical on the Stick Up Cam. Otherwise, it supports 1080p video, motion detection, two-way talk, and night vision just like the larger model. It costs $59.99—undercutting the price of Amazon’s first-party indoor security camera, the Cloud Cam, among others—and is available to purchase today.

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