Amazon sucks

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I cancelled an order because they screwed it up placing my account on hold then decided to order something else, billed and then they placed the account on hold again. So I call customer support, I get this American woman ditz on the phone obviously working from home who can't understand my vocabulary that hung up on me. I called again, I get a woman with an accent from India who did understand me and was very helpful. I'm tired of this fucking country, it's Idiocracy reality TV here if your IQ is beyond average. Even the 'smart' people are Dr. Lexus.


I need to learn how to communicate with my mentally challenged fellow citizens. People with English as their third language speak English and most Americans can't.

Then you have trailer trash protesting to make English the official language who don't even know how to fucking speak it. They can visit the deepest, darkest jungles of Papua New Guinea and communicate with undiscovered native tribes who've never seen an Anglo before already fluent in Pidgin English of the Stone Age American.


This is the best country in the world, I need to find a better planet to live in. Or a parallel universe that speaks English here. I don't speak fluent dumbass, unfortunately.
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