Afterfall: InSanity Extended Edition

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Various Steam Achievements​

AchievementHow to unlock
AsylumBeat the game on Hard difficulty setting.
Chain ReactionKill 3 Ashes with the chain reacting explosion.
ClinicBeat the game on Easy difficulty setting.
Dancing Loony BinBeat the game on InSane difficulty setting.
Doctor NosyFind all the notes in the game.
Fifth Encounter FinishedFinish fifth encounter.
First Boss DefeatedDefeat first boss.
Fourth Encounter FinishedFinish fourth encounter.
Good ListenerListen to all recordings in the game.
Hack n' Slash!Kill 50 opponents with Sickle.
HeadhunterSmash 50 heads with a kick to the head in the finisher.
PacifierKill 50 opponents with 'Pacyfikator' Telescopic Baton.
Remote Car ChampionMove throught the vents without wasting any of the Repairbots.
SanitariumBeat the game on Normal difficulty setting.
Second Boss DefeatedDefeat Second Boss.
Second Encounter FinishedFinish second encounter.
Sixth Encounter FinishedFinish sixth encounter.
Special Treatment"Tranquilize" 20 opponents with Syringe.
Third Boss DefeatedDefeat Third Boss.
Third Encounter FinishedFinish third encounter.
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