Aero the Acro-Bat - Rascal Rival Revenge (USA)

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final kaoss

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TopFreeze BackgroundInterAct932F1403 CDE055AF
TopFreeze BackgroundMadCatz271FCB33E78D
TopHave 99 Gold StarsMadCatzEBE4ACB98875
TopHave 99 Silver StarsMadCatzEAE5ACF9AA75
TopInfinite Air DriveShimer80E91AB2 565F
TopInfinite AmmoShimer753B1317 8B8F
TopInfinite HealthInterAct519C04B4 90ED7DF5
TopInfinite HealthMadCatzD9B637AF9C7E
TopInfinite HealthShimer79A3361A 1D19
TopInfinite Jumps/FloatInterAct268F6DC2 F15C715E
TopInfinite LaunchMadCatzCAA5EDF9987C
TopInfinite LivesInterActD6C04CC1 FE2C1855
TopInfinite LivesMadCatzB4F7C2CDAE7D
TopInfinite LivesShimerDC4577F2 5D51
TopInfinite Silver StarInterActB9AEB9AF D5FE75EC
TopInfinite StarsInterAct71BC413A 9D452720
TopInfinite TimeInterActBC9F0BCA FF45A6F5
TopInvincibleShimer23FA4A38 547D
TopMax ScoreInterActE5AE01D2 4E6003F3
70837BFC E302BB14
TopMulti JumpMadCatzF73C9F2E154E
TopMust Be On [M]InterAct82F0EAA0 54ECD6A7
7DE3E144 4EB5341E
TopMust Be On [M]DatelECAB66FE 640BCED7
388CE2EB 07C9D75E
TopPress "A" For Moon JumpShimer1BA63064 B256
D4EB91B7 C7E1
TopPress "L" + "Select" To Skip The Current LevelShimer4D1DEB72 81A5
75695317 C30F
TopPress "R" For Slow FallShimerBAA630E4 B216
D0EF12E6 4746
TopSkip Level [Press Select+L]MadCatz75E2B49DBAB2
TopSlow Fall [Hold R]MadCatzB33CFB2E154E
TopStart With Hi-ScoreMadCatz6A6DACF9859D
TopStop The TimerShimer27885911 BA3F
TopStop TimerMadCatz6B7EAE1BA78D
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz911B9B36BC7C

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