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    Project Justice Rival School 2 - Promotional Copy?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me out, I recently acquired a copy of project justice rival school 2 and upon inspection of the disc it has printed on the middle clear part ''Promotional copy - Not for resale''... although someone at some point has tried to scrub of the resale part. Can anyone...
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    Rival Turf game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Super NES Game Genie codes - Rival Turf DDB7-D4A7 Start with 1 life D5B7-D4A7 Start with 8 lives DBB0-DF07 Start with 9 continues DFB0-DF07 Start with 1 continue EEC4-OD6F + EE64-646C + EE63-04A7 + EE68-A7A1 Start with more energy...
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