Adventures of Dino Riki game genie codes (for NES)

the place for the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

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Adventures of Dino Riki

SZEETTVG Start with infinite lives
AESEPGZA Start with 1 life
IESEPGZA Start with 6 lives
AESEPGZE Start with 9 lives
SZUENZVG Start with infinite life hearts
GESEIGZA Start with 4 life hearts
AESEIGZE Start with 8 life hearts
VKEAPISA Start Macho (big), stay Macho
VVEAPISA Start as Macho-Riki
IEVASPIG Once Macho, stay Macho
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAA Start on stage 2-1
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAA Start on stage 3-1
TKSAAGSA + TEKEIGAA Start on stage 4-1
TKSAAGSA + AEKEIGAE Start on stage 4-2
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAE Start on stage 4-3
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAE Start on stage 4-4

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