Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Cheat Codes (for NES)

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final kaoss

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Enter the password 6R2KK to begin with Fester, Wednesday, Gomez, and Granny already rescued.

Cheat Codes​

Have Fester Rescued, 2 HeartsC82C2
Have Fester Rescued, 3 Hearts982F2
Have Fester Rescued, 4 Hearts182M-
Have Fester, Gomez, Granny, Wednesday Rescued6R2KK
Have Fester, Gomez, Wednesday Rescued, 4 Hearts262M?
Have Fester, Gomez, Wednesday Rescued, 5 Hearts662K1
Start with 511 livesCJXZP

Maxed Passwords​

These passwords will begin the game with 511 lives and four hearts, as well as the named people rescued.

Everyone rescued6RXZR
Fester rescued58XZ7
Gomez rescued5GXZF
Granny rescued5-XZ?
No one rescued5JXZH
Wednesday rescued6JXZJ
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