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Fester's lightning

You want to keep this blue as much as possible. The higher your health, the longer the lightning. As I recall, with full health, the lightning is blue. With less than that, or blue could be more than half health, but green is less than blue, I think that blue is full health, green is more than half health with some damage, and red is less than half. You really want to keep your lightning at least green, because red stinks! During a boss fight, when you've exhausted your restoratives and your lightning is red, you're practically doomed to failure. Keep your cookies, especially the black beetle cookies, for when you really need them, as Granny only replenishes your cookie supply at various intervals, I think that she at least replenishes them every boss. Probably every dungeon. Crusty cookies are good for areas with lots of tough enemies, where you really don't have time to fight. I never got more cookie recipes than that. On Ivel the undefeatable: I didn't figure this out until after I stopped playing the game, but Ivel sure is defeatable, just like the manual says. All that fuss over the music box isn't for nothing, as it's the weapon that kills Ivel. I think there are other ghosts that can only be killed by the music box, too. Later on in the game, like when your path branches and you go to the sewers, you'll find these little things, I think they're blue orbs, that raise your health past it's upper limits. They'll do that, but once you lose the health you can't get it back unless you find another orb or get your health raised in a more conventional manner.
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There are several weapons. Besides your trusty lightning, you can find rocks to throw at your enemies, blue marbles to freeze them in their tracks, magic seeds to send plants homing in on them, and green slime to annoy certain special monsters. You can also get Lurch's trusty bowling ball, which you can use after your lightning turns red and all of your ammo is gone. Also, you want to get Gomez's Journal, or whatever it's called, in that first scene. It's really handy when you want to see where you've been, or find your way out of a dungeon, or thwart Morobe's Mind Maze.
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Fighting Rowen

Another special note: The farthest I got was to the boss of the stone place, what was his name? Rowen? Anyway, that boss is nearly unbeatable. Turns out, your weapons are ineffective. I sat there for hours, blasting him with lightning until the lightning was red, throwing rocks and marbles at him, dropping seeds, and throwing lurch's bowling ball. The boss seemed not to notice. What you need to do is use lightning, zap him over to the 'wall,' then keep on zapping him until he falls over the edge of his platform.
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Lot's of lives

This is one of the hardest platform stompers I've ever played. My advice for anyone wanting to beat this is: practice, practice, PRACTICE! Keep attempting each level until you memorize all the traps, enemies, hidden areas, etc. and can get through pretty easily. With practice, you might not have much trouble beating the first five levels in a few lives, but the freezer is another story. There's a way to build up mega reserves of Pugsleys as insurance for the freezer. Problem is, it takes forever. Interested? Read on...

First of all, beat the laboratory, attic, basement, and crystal ball in whichever order you like best, saving the bathroom for second last. Go through the bathroom until you reach the watery levels before the boss. Find a cat that spits out fish bones and swim directly above it. Now pounce on every fish bone it spits, not letting yourself touch the floor. You'll get more and more points for each fish bone (max 1600). Now...just keep on stompin'. Every 50,000 points gets you a 1-Up (about every 32 fish; you'll hear a sound whenever a 1-Up is scored). Keep at it until you have at least 70 lives (trust me, the freezer is THAT tough!!!). One bigtime caveat: whatever you do, do NOT press Select to check your lives tally! There is a bug in this game that sometimes causes it to reset when Select is pressed in certain levels. I had this happen to me and I was in a real doozy of a tizzy...anyway, your huge army of lives should help you through the freezer and past the pesky magician that waits at the end.
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