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  • Change mission map viewpoint
On the mission selection screen, put the cursor over "MISSION" and hit select for 3 different viewing angles.
  • Free mission mode
Complete the Kingpin mission. A "Free Mission" option that allows any mission to be played will appear at the opening menu.
  • Lock viewpoint
During replay, hold the "map" button.
  • Music player
By clearing the game with a rank higher than "First Lieutenant", a music player mode will show up in the option menu. All 28 tracks of music can be accessed. Here are the controls: L1 or L2 to skip forward, R1 or R2 to skip backward, O to select track, SELECT to toggle screen, S or T or X to end.
  • View all aircraft
Complete the game with a rank of General. A new option will allow all aircraft to be viewed.
  • View backside of analog stick
In the key config. screen, hit select button to see the backside of the right stick.
  • XFA-27 fighter
Complete the game under normal difficulty. Play the game again under hard difficulty and reach the low altitude surprise attack mission (Dead End). Locate and destroy the four YF-23As in the special Fox Force Four squadron south of the target. A medal and the XFA-27 will be awarded on the debriefing screen.
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