Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception [US] - [ULUS-10176]

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Ace Combat X Skies of Deception Aircraft Unlock Codes [CWCheat]

I made codes to unlock all of the Aircraft in Skies of Deception. I had recently lost my save game and I had all planes except for 3. Instead of going through all the stuff to get them back I took the already available code to unlock the Fenrir & recoded it to unlock each of the Aircraft.

The code will make the Aircraft available for purchase so you still need to have the cash to pay for it. Unfortunately the codes can only be used 1 at a time, once a code is used & the plane is purchased, you can simply go to the next code / plane. 1 Code enabled at a time.

_S ULUS-10176
_G Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception [US]
_C0 $ 100.000.000
_L 0x20280E38 0x05F5E100
_C0 A-6E Intruder
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000001
_C0 JA 37 Viggen
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000002
_C0 XFA-24A Apalis
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000003
_C0 F-5E Tiger II
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000004
_C0 F-1
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000005
_C0 F-16C Fighting Falcon
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000006
_C0 MiG-29A Fulcrum
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000007
_C0 A-10A Thunderbolt II
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000008
_C0 MiG-21-93
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000009
_C0 Mirage 2000D
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000A
_C0 F-14D Super Tomcat
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000B
_C0 MiG-31 Foxhound
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000C
_C0 YR-302 Fregate
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000D
_C0 Tornado F3
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000E
_C0 F-15E Strike Eagle
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000000F
_C0 X-29A
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000010
_C0 XFA-27
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000011
_C0 Su-27 Flanker
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000012
_C0 F-2A
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000013
_C0 XR-45 Cariburn
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000014
_C0 F/A-18E Super Hornet
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000015
_C0 F-117A Nighthawk
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000016
_C0 F-16XL
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000017
_C0 Rafale M
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000018
_C0 F-35 Lighting II
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000019
_C0 Gripen C
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001A
_C0 Typhoon
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001B
_C0 YF-23A Black Widow II
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001C
_C0 YR-99 Forneus
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001D
_C0 F-15S/MTO
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001E
_C0 Su-37 Terminator
_L 0x00280AFF 0x0000001F
_C0 F-22 Raptor
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000020
_C0 MiG-1.44
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000021
_C0 F/B-22
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000022
_C0 Su-47 Berkut
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000023
_C0 S-32
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000024
_C0 X-02 Wyvern
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000025
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000026
_C0 Fenrir
_L 0x00280AFF 0x00000027
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