Abandoned Dreamcast Finds A Home

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This is old news if you check the Dreamcast Junkyard blog frequently, but I saw nothing about this on DC-Talk at all, strangely enough. This story was actually very interesting to me.

One day, someone was in a public Japanese park, when suddenly, deep in the woods, he found an abandoned Sega Dreamcast. A leaf covered the Power button, and it was very muddy and dirty. It looked like someone smeared dog feces on it. The man took it home, and it looked very poor. But thankfully, the Dreamcast still works and is being fed awesome games again.

Props to pcwzrd13 for sharing this intriguing story, and thanks to nanoshock on Imgur for creating it. Here's a link to the DC Junkyard page: The Dreamcast Junkyard: Abandoned Dreamcast Needs A Home
Link to the full story on Imgur: Abandoned Dreamcast needs a home - Album on Imgur

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