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    Vote what happens to Geist force Gdr image

    We will dictate what happens to the game from here on. We can vote to have the game released as a torrent, or wait till the donors get their disc's pressed which they way it looks now, might be a while more. This was just posted by Assembler himself. Don't forget to vote here. Error |...
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    Vote for Shenmue 3!

    Hi all, I decided to check IGN today (not something I do very often, terrible terrible website IMO) and they had something about raising money to make a game that people really want. It wasn't plans for a project but more of just shooting the shit; still, Sega might see the site and even more...
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    Vote Ryo Hazuki for Sega All-Stars Racing

    They say they want to leave Ryo out of the roster in the new Sega All-Stars Racing, but I think its just to create a buzz around the game in the Shenmue community crafty Sega. Vote Petition * Include Ryo Hazuki for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. * Here's some videos of...
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    Vote to bring Shenmue to PS4

    So, I made a couple videos about this, watch them for details. But the super short version is, Sony is taking requests. Click on the link and add your votes. Big question. What game or series not... - Official PlayStation Magazine UK | Facebook
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    Dreamcast Junkyard Top 200 DC Games 2016 - Vote Now!

    The Dreamcast Junkyard is collecting votes to create an updated Top 200 Dreamcast games list. Go vote for your favorites now and get a chance to win some Dreamcast goodies! The Dreamcast Junkyard: The DCJY Top 200 Games 2016: Your Vote Counts!
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    Vote for Dreamcast backwards compatibility to come to Xbox One/Scorpio

    As everyone knows, Microsoft is hard at work making the best Xbox 360 games backwards compatible, and Phil Spencer (current head of Xbox division) has expressed (like many fans) that Original Xbox BC may be coming soon as well. Microsoft helped out ALOT on the Dreamcast, and gave Microsoft a...
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    Bethesda wins big in CVG readers' best of E3 vote

    Your games of the show revealed... The votes are in and we can finally reveal the games that most impressed CVG readers at E3 2012 this month. Click here to read the full article More...
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