Vote for Dreamcast backwards compatibility to come to Xbox One/Scorpio

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As everyone knows, Microsoft is hard at work making the best Xbox 360 games backwards compatible, and Phil Spencer (current head of Xbox division) has expressed (like many fans) that Original Xbox BC may be coming soon as well.

Microsoft helped out ALOT on the Dreamcast, and gave Microsoft a ton of inspiration and ideas to make the Xbox. SEGA even supported the Xbox and despite it not happening, SEGA and M$ were in talks at one point to make dreamcast BC for the OG Xbox a thing. Anyways, it only seems fitting that Dreamcast games be made BC for Xbox, since it's almost in the same console family(DC, OGXBOX, X360, XONE).

Vote on the Xbox Uservoice site below to help convince Micrsoft into getting SEGA to make this happen!

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