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    Corrupt Save Data on Torky's 6.30 plugin

    Hi guys, I have been playing Gods Eater Burst on my PSP-2000 5.00 M33. I found a version where I can the game without freezing. Only the Tutorial section was freezing other than that everything worked fine. I played the game till the last story mission. I beat the boss and then a cut-scene...
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    Tactics ogre won't savem33_623 Torky's

    Im running 5.00M33-6 with the m33_630 plugin turned on, (the m33_630user off). On a good ol' fat psp Tactics ogre (on umd btw) runs just fine except that everytime i try to save game the data shows up as corrupted. When i try to load one of the files the game just crashes, and changing memory...
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    Help installing Torky's M33 6.20 Plugin

    Alright first things first.. if you didnt read my signature already, my PSP is a Model 1000 (Fat) and i just upgraded to firmware version 5.50 GEN-D3. also, i received this PSP hacked and ready to go, only thing ive done is upgrade the old firmware and installed a few plugins. im pretty much a...
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