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    Stutter Fix

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/58 Disclaimer: This mod is for people having stuttering issues, it has some slight concessions. This mod will benefit mostly people with low VRAM or slow HDD drives. If you have a high amount of VRAM you can also try the "no streaming version" which...
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    Dreamcast textures?

    Can anyone tell me how to change textures in a dreamcast game? Because I've been looking everywhere and I'm not getting any answers. I seen one site talk about the TEXMOD method, but they never explain the whole converting the texture step. So any help would be nice.
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    San Fran 2049: N64 better textures?

    Call me mad. But: I think that some textures of the environment are more detailed than the ones on DC?! :oops: What going on there? San Francisco Rush 2049 (Nintendo 64 vs Dreamcast) Side by Side Comparison - YouTube
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