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final kaoss

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Disclaimer: This mod is for people having stuttering issues, it has some slight concessions. This mod will benefit mostly people with low VRAM or slow HDD drives. If you have a high amount of VRAM you can also try the "no streaming version" which disables it entirely however this could cause more stutters if your VRAM is too low.
What Does This Mod Do?

Reduces stutters

- Improves frametimes

- More consistent FPS



Put the "Engine.ini" file of your selected preset where your Engine.ini location is located in AppData (if you added other commands from different mods you'll need to add them manually by copying & pasting the commands in)
Engine.ini Location



Additional Tips & Info
Palworld: Optimized Settings

Palworld: Improved Anti-Aliasing

Palworld: Improved Graphics
View Distance: Lower view distance = sharper higher res textures. Higher view distance = more distant objects are loaded but textures get blurrier & blurrier. pick your poison, I personally prefer Low

Disclaimer: This mod may not work in tandem with other Pak mods. Also this mod may deliver worse image quality at times to prevent stuttering


Does this work with achievements?
A: Yes

Q: What is your socials or other mods?

Discord - YouTube - Twitter/X - Other Mods
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