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    Remove useless links and guides?

    Going through the site seems if it isn't a ReviveDC link it is dead and even then a lot of them are dead. Didn't find one Bleem!, NGCD (besides a few RDC converts), or a single Scummvm link was valid. Then going through the tutorials section a lot of the great ones that can not be found...
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    Microsoft lawyers remove leaked 'Xbox 720' document

    Paper claims new console will launch 2013 at $299, complete with Blu-ray and advanced Kinect technology. A 56 page PowerPoint document that supposedly reveals sensitive information about Microsoft's next-generation console has been removed from the website it was leaked to. Click here to read...
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    Sold my PSPgo - how do I remove all personal data?

    e.g. any dowloaded games and psp network information?
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    How do you remove the hack?

    I need to remove the hack from my PSP to test something, can anyone help me getting rid of it correctly ? Thanks. I'm using 6.39 PRO-B8.
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