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Going through the site seems if it isn't a ReviveDC link it is dead and even then a lot of them are dead. Didn't find one Bleem!, NGCD (besides a few RDC converts), or a single Scummvm link was valid. Then going through the tutorials section a lot of the great ones that can not be found elsewhere are gone here now as well like the sweet tutorial CoCo wrote about using a PC CD-ROM drive in your Dreamcast to replace a failing laser, while the words are there the pics to see exactly is going on have all been removed. Maybe host the images here but do not allow outside linking to keep the bandwidth down. But when I come to the site it feels dead and most just move along. I am not calling for a site overhaul but removal of dead links would be nice so we know what needs to be uploaded here. Going by the mods upload link to "easily" find games all I can seem to easily find are dead links. I think it would spur the disbanded DC geeks since UG died that come to expect respect, maturity, helping our few (but proud) DC junkies a place that they can come to and it feels like home.

There is is still a lot of good content here to be read and maybe found but I think we could do so much more if we all as a community help, whether that be reposting a guide, uploading games (personal or scene releases, GD dumps, BETA's, version/group variants), posting patches, writing a review for a game you just played, homebrew games/applications, covers, trainers, news or whatever it may be that you can contribute. A little bit adds up to a lot soon enough even if only few help more will join and add their hands into the mix. I mean this is the DC Online HQ's in mine and every 56k/BBA s using DC fanatics out their eyes.

This is the best couple of years we fellow Dreamcast gamers have had and are having in a long time. And it still seems as if not many do care and I am afraid it is fizzling away. We have had Gun Lord, Sturmwind (this is just the demo, sorry folks), DUX 1.5, Polyko's Super Jelly Bean Quest, 2D House of Terror, new Half Life mods. Even we have seen some really rare finds dumped and finally in our hands like Geist Force, and the unreleased Ball Breakers. RDC released a Dave Mirra GDR 85% preview build beta, DCCM (Dreamcast Clean Project) will have South Park Rally v0.001 & Jeremy Mc Grath v0.800 GDR releases in their next set. As well as two more GDR's one is Mag Force Racing v0.001 as well as Red Dog Superior Firepower v1.370 GDR. Sega Rally 2 Trial Version For E3 (JUE) [HDR-0010] now CONFIRMED (and I am making it public, uploading to Mega as we speak for everyone to enjoy this rarity), a Sonic Adventure Prototype (1998-10-16) as well as Sonic Adventure 2 Pre-Release (2001-05-03) from Orengefox, unreleased demo's, beta version variants. Two new Sega Confidential disc were found this year, one was Dreamcast Middleware Conference Demo Disc Pt. 2 [610SYKN002] [Disc can be found here] with the help of the community it became a verified dump while the Dreamcast Check-GD v2.150 (JUE) [TEST][This disc as well can be found here] remains at large still but there is at least hope as it came from a member here even the Flintstones got a good and proper release now as well as full GD dump was made available to the public and was added the the Dreamcast database. A proper region free PBA Bowling is on the way as well as a version of Half Life with the TRUE GD-ROM sort order and Propeller Arena with original sort order from my personal GDR collection and they are hacked properly this time with noticeable differences like browsers working and loads cut in more then half. We even got another game online for the Dreamcast this year, a little game I am sure you have heard of called Planet Ring. That is an auto connect disc for those that have the avbility to dial in. It will not work for PC>DC users that must blind dial. And Test line simulator will work, aka the TLS series. Also a RAS (remote access server) can do the dial for you and does the job of both the Netopia and TLS. Anyhow I can confirm it working using Netopia 2020 and TLS2 as I use that very disc to play online without the need for a boot disc prior to gaming.

Also things like translations are in the mix from several teams/members or different groups and we still have games like ReDUX, Ghost Blode, Neo XYX, Pier Solar ED & Leona's Tricky Adventure still to be released by the NG Dev team, KTX Software and the Watermelon team. All this and it doesn't seem to be generating any fuss on English sites, Spanish are a totally different story. I was hoping we all could do a little instead of just lurking I guess is what I am asking, and I know it is a lot to remove all those post but a up to date "Current Uploads" post would be a great start so we can add our own to the mixture.

I myself am going to start adding some new rips to get things ready and put a lot of the info I have on my Pastebin account here, it will always be up for anyone to go back to as I will link to there but I hope to add pictures and hyperlinks here as well. I maintain my over server for some stuff but a paid Mega account as it is fast, worldwide, and no guff if using Chrome of the Mega plugin for Firefox users, feel free to mirror or host anywhere. All my TOSEC GDI's and self ripped CDI's are free to pass anywhere on the net and no need to add my name outside of here, it would be appreciated as no one needs to know where they got it from just that it works & matches database hashes. Anyhow does anyone feel the same and want to help or am I wasting me time here? Feel free to PM if you don't want to help publicly and would like me to cross post your message/tutorial/game for you that is cool as well or just have a question about anything. Also mods please feel free to chime in, lock or remove this if it becomes heated or distasteful. Not that you do a bad job here as we all have lives but as a community we should help as well to make it the DC place for anything DC. So let's all act like adults and have a good conversation of the future quality of this site and Dreamcast knowledge, information, and data. It is already scarce, ever tried to sefboot a DC game on your own from the media that is around? It is a mess LOL

Anyhow check the downloads section soon I will be adding more. Right now I am adding the Sturmwind demo for everyone, till then enjoy the games i have linked you to above from my account as full speed.
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