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    Dreamcast related magazines for download! :D

    I am so happy now I can't hide it! These are the last issues of the Saturn magazine from the UK leading up to the Dreamcast release! Lots of DC news in it from back in the day! The Credits - The Credits -
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    Get anything Dreamcast related for Xmas?

    I got a retail copy of Last Blade 2.
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    Old Dreamcast related websites

    I'm sure many of you know of the internet wayback machine. I recently used it to find crazy games' website in its former glory. Here it is; CRAZY GAMES - Top You could choose the english translation, but theres less stuff for the english version of the website, so you may just want to stick...
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    Found a pretty interesting Dreamcast related video...

    Hey everyone. I just recently stumbled into this wonderful video related to Dreamcast, PS2 and what would soon become Nintendo's Gamecube. I found the video simply fascinating and thought i'd share with everyone here. My most favorite part in the video is the programs host interviewing who at...
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    Anyone have any Sega related Tattos?

    Sonic Tat.png Sega ink anyone? Here is my Sonic Team Logo....going back for the color. Gatta make the Blue Blurr Blue!
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    what did you get thats sega related recectly?

    i got a bunch of sonic figs from the flea market for dirt cheap
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    I just found the greatest DC related shirt ever.

    Ok, so a little backstory. As many of you know, in the late 90s-early 2000s (the DC era included), Sega sponsored the jersey of the Premier League team Arsenal (who happens to be my favorite). So I'd known that for years, but what I DIDN'T KNOW was that at the time Arsenal had a goalkeeper...
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    the good old question what looks better? vga related

    I own multiple hdtv's however I'm not happy with how vga looks on them except 1 tv when I use pixel to pixel(toshiba) but the image is small and when not pixel to pixel it looks pretty bad on the tv. the pixel to pixel is fine for me when playing alone. but not with others. will a converter...
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    Yet another Dissidia 012 Question DLC related

    OK, since WoL's helmetless costume is now a freebie on PSN, tried using PSNlover to grab it, it worked fine, getting it and installing neway, don't usually get to the install part however, but afterward, the costume isn't there, in the game section of the OS I do see it, but when I choose him...
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    Freezing issue, - not software related.

    Alright so I've been to the help section and was told that it looks like its not a software issue and that I should try here. I was told 1god1king could help me out. So the issue is that at random times, my psp will freeze, and then shut down 10 seconds later. Through over 12 hours of trial...
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    Buying psp related items

    is there a website where i can buy good cheap psp related items?? i was wondering if there is a black rim replacment for the psp slim 2000 series??
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