Yet another Dissidia 012 Question DLC related


OK, since WoL's helmetless costume is now a freebie on PSN, tried using PSNlover to grab it, it worked fine, getting it and installing neway, don't usually get to the install part however, but afterward, the costume isn't there, in the game section of the OS I do see it, but when I choose him and change his look, only goes up to Alt2, (helmetless is Alt3 apparently) from what i heard, DLC doesn't work on CFW since Sony has gotten smarter, however, I don't think that buying the game and getting all the content is a bad idea, IE costumes and Aerith, however doing that will force me to update to OFW, making ISOs kinda pointless. Has anyone gotten DLC to work on CFW or found a way to bounce between OFW and CFW so I could play without having to go through such a hassle to get the characters. I did hear one person got it to work on GameFAQs so I'm giving it a shot.

I'm currently running 5.50 Prom-4, on a psp-2000 slim. Any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated :)!!
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