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  1. F

    Quake 3: Arena (PAL)

    [h=3]Quake 3: Arena (PAL)[/HEADING] Ammo Booster AA5B56F0 00007101 P1 Health Single Mode Only FD299CC6 00000064 Health Pick Ups Double Your Health (Good And Bad) 3C0923C0 0000333C All Weapons Do 100 Damage 43721843 0000719C
  2. F

    Quake 3 Arena (USA)

    [h=3]Quake 3 Arena (USA)[/HEADING] Inf. Time (1 Player) 1st TierB8A630DD000003E7 Inf. Machinegun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier4FAA16B100000063 Inf. Shotgun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier9FB8038F00000063 Inf. Rocket Launcher Ammo (1 Player) 1st TierD8588AA700000063 Inf. Plasma Gun Ammo (1 Player)...
  3. C

    Quake + PSO

    I actually liked this, made me laught. Nice work if i may say. https://www.deviantart.com/steel-painter/art/PSO-model-111819683
  4. C

    Half-Life and Quake 2 GD-ROMs

    This guy on ebay is selling what seems to be Quake 2 and Half-life GD-Roms. Now I imagine this will go for around 50 so would somebody please snatch these up and rip em? I wanna see what the diff is with what we have (Remember: There was never released a Quake 2 Gdrom.) Carefull as when I asked...
  5. C

    Unreal Tournament vs Quake III Arena

    I'm going to give it to UT, but I never got to play it online...Which I really wanna play online....Maybe someone knows what version UT DC is? Then we can maybe some day come across a server file for that version :) Quake 3 is fun online, but I would much rather have UT be online than Q3 :(
  6. C

    Where do Quake 3 video's save to?

    So I was recording some beast dreamcast action and wanted to upload them to youtube but I dont know where they save to.
  7. C

    How do I do Quake 3 online with you guys? xD

    Ok, so I'm in process of getting a broadband adapter from craigslist, and I convinced the seller to give me a good deal on it. If I get it, I want to know how do I connect my dreamcast online to play quake 3 with you guys? Do I need planetweb browser to configure my dreamcast, and then...
  8. C

    Quake 3 tournament online december-january

    It is out of fun, nothing more. Please read and sign up below Quake 3 Arena Online Tournaments - Dreamcast-Talk.com
  9. C

    Weird Track Name on Quake 3 Arena

    Hello. I was reading a guide on how to test discs, and it said to put my broken Quake 3 disc into an audio player(My iMac). I did that and iTunes showed up. It gave me two tracks: the first one was the "This is a Dreamcast Game" track, and the other... I didn't listen to it, but the title...
  10. C

    How is Quake 3 Arena?

    Hello everyone, Ive been looking to get Quake 3 for a while now. Is it good? (offline) I heard that you can play offline with bots to face against, is this true? What is the price it usually goes for, is $9 a good price?
  11. C

    Do you need a mouse and Keyboard for Quake 3?

    Do you need a mouse and keyboard for Quake 3? Appearently you do according to IGN......
  12. C

    BFG 10K? And other Quake 3 questions.

    Hello, I was wondering in what map you can get the BFG 10K in Quake 3 Arena. I was also wondering if you must unlock some maps. Thanks Note: This is for wanting to play local multiplayer.
  13. C

    DreamCast Fishing Rod Quake 3

    Has anyone tried to use the fishing rod controller with Quake 3? I was watching Adam's Fishing Rod video, and this instantly came to mind. I assume the crank would be like a second analog.
  14. F

    Quake II (Europe)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Infinite Ammo [email protected] 8028B833 0064 8028B82F 0064 8028B82B 0064 8028B827 0064 8028B823 0064 8028B81F 0064 Top Infinite Health [email protected] 802697CB 00A0 Top Infinite Ammo [email protected] 8027C493 0064 8027C48F 0064 8027C48B 0064...
  15. F

    Quake 64 (Europe)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Amount of Ammo Grenade Launcher Uses Per Shot Modifier (Default FFFF) Viper187 8102081A ???? Top Amount of Ammo Nailgun Uses Per Shot Modifier (Default FFFE) Viper187 81020CC6 ???? Top Amount of Ammo Rocket Launcher Uses Per Shot Modifier (Default...
  16. F

    Quake 64

    CheatGo to the pasword screen and enter all q's. it will say invalid password but do not woory, just exit the screen and go to the options screen. here you will find a listing for debug mode, enter it and you will have varios cheats including god mode and warp levels. enjoy...
  17. F

    Quake 2

    Change Level Colors in MultiplayerEnter the password S3TC 00LC 0L0R S??? to change the game's color pallette.
  18. F

    Quake 3: Arena Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Alternate Capture The Flag commentary Enter multi-player mode, select player one for your controller, and make the rest of the players CPU-controlled. Select "Capture the Flag" as your game. Set up your player's name so that the word "ass" appears along with any other word. For example...
  19. F


    80163A2D 0064 80163A2F 0064 Infinite Ammo 80163A31 0064 80163A33 0064 801639EB 007F All Weapons 8006C4C2 0001 Debug Mode 81163930 42C8 Infinite Health 81163944 42C8 Infinite Armor...
  20. F

    quake 2

    All Level Codes 81085950 3F3B Stop Time 1 Multi-Player Codes Player 1 811624DA 0190 Infinite Health 801832A3 0064 Infinite Armor 8018452F 0064 Infinite Ammo For Shotgun & Super Shotgun 8018453B 0064 Infinite Ammo For Rocket Launcher 80184543 0064 Infinite Ammo For...
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