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    How can I tell what PSPgo model I have?

    How can I tell what PSPgo model I have? when i slide it open and look at the back of the screen, i do see PSP-N1001 on the top row of text which sounds familiar. Can anyone tell me?
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    Tested RemoteJoyLite for PSPgo, anyone?

    i have windows xp sp3 and 6.35proB cfw. i followed all tutorials correctly, installed drivers and all the files are same version.. it seems the newest version of remotejoylite still cant show ingame visuals for PSPgo. only XMB. am i right?
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    PSPGO bricked upgrading to OFW 6.35

    So i recently tried to upgrade the firmware of the PSPGO and i wasn't sure if the hen was still on or not, but we couldnt upgrade at the time because it was low on battery and it said it'll auto update when it charges enough, so we leave the house, come back and it told us to call tech service...
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    Sold my PSPgo - how do I remove all personal data?

    e.g. any dowloaded games and psp network information?
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    PSPgo n1001 - Do i get 6.2 or 6.35 ofw?

    I just got a PSPgo n1001 its on a 5.7 firmware and i plan to mod the psp with some CFW to play my backups and psx iso backups. I see not to get the 6.37 update, but should I get the 6.2 or the 6.35 update? I have a feeling the 6.20 seems better and has more CFW's. What do you think?
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    PSP games using PSPgo and 6.35 PRO-B3

    Im new to the psp mod scene, ive got a pspgo 6.35 pro-b3 running fine.. I got my psx games to work in PSP no problem. I got God Eater BUrst backup as an iso on my pc but cannot figure out how to work it on my PSP. Any tutorial links will be appreciated or sites. I can read and watch videos on...
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    what firmware pspgo is hackable?

    im thinking of buying a psp. (maybe a go) what is the latest firmware? is it hackable yet? can it run iso's and psx eboot.pbp's? homebrew?
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    PSPGo PSPDisp slow fps

    So I have PSPDisp on my PSP Go 6.39 Pro-B9 CFW and, when I use the USB option, it works perfectly. No lag at all! I get 57-60 FPS everytime I use the USB option. However....I've looked at people on youtube videos who do not use the USB option, instead they use the WLAN option. And from the...
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    Is 6.60 PRO-B9 permanent for PSPgo yet?

    Is 6.60 PRO-B9 permanent for PSPgo yet? And on another thread that wasnt resolved, how do I set my VSH menu so it doesnt come up with select button anymore? Its almost useless now that I have XMB Control 1.2.
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    PSPGo internal memory access

    Hi today i picked up a cheap PSPGo and i was looking to add custom firmware, i connect it via USB to my pc and it recognizes it but it does not show up in Computer on Windows 7 (My Computer for older windows). I dont own a memory card but as it has 16gb internal memory i wanted to utilize THAT...
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    PSPgo! Cradle

    Does anyone got it? Is there a possibility to connect it to an AV-Receiver?
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    PSPgo & Bluetooth Devices

    Hi! As the title says I have a go and a bluetooth headset. The headset works fine with other devices (even a PS3). But it doesn't seem to like the PSPgo for some strange reason. I put the PSP in search mode and never finds it. But it works properly with PS3 controllers. Now that PSPgo has...
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    PSPGo Internal Replacement Battery

    I have a PSPGo and the battery on it seems to be going as it doesn't last much more than an hour before needing to be recharged. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a place to buy PSPGo internal batteries. I know I have to open the unit to replace it but it's only a couple screws and I've...
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    Modify PSP1000/2000/3000 charger for PSPGo

    I want to modify the output plug of my psp1000 charger from a round one to a USB port so that my pspGo can use it. The only thing I have noticed is that the output current of the charger of the phat is 2000miliamps. while the charger for pspGo is 1500miliamps. only, I don't know if it will...
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    Pspgo ofw 6.38 :s

    What's up guys my 8 year old Son came home from school yesterday and asked me "Dad why doesn't my games work anymore?!?" So I immediately thought "UH OH.. this kid upgraded his OFW" and low and behold the dreaded 6.38 was on the screen. He said "this morning on my was to school it asked me to...
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    why pspgo has no sound while charging?

    can you help me to mod my pspgo i want sounds while charging pls help me thanks! :D
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    Installed PSX Games on PSPGO CFW 6.20??

    I have got my PSX game in its folder with 2 files inside, EBOOT.PBP & KEYS.BIN, i have put the folder in PSP/GAMES but all i get is a corrupt file icon for the game when browsing to it on the PSP. Im guessing i have to install something else. Can some give me assistance?
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    Some questions, PSPGO running CFW 6.39 PRO-B7

    Thanks for reading. First off, just making sure 6.39 PRO-B7 is a correct CFW for the PSP GO. I've read here ( that it will brick a PSP GO, though it is running absolutely fine. More importantly, I've searched and read under the release it is compatible...
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    PSPGo N1003, Black Screen

    So i've got CFW 6.20 Pro b6 Perm, i turn the PSP on today and went to go into the recovery menu by pressing select > recovery menu. Then the PSP screen goes black and nothing responds, the PSP is still on with the green led light and I cant get it to turn of or reboot etc. Any ideas? EDIT...
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    PSPgo bricked/battery failure?

    Hey guys, So I have a PSPgo (bought it around the time PSN got hacked) running 6.35 pro-B7 and was playing FFT: WotL last night when the battery was at 1% (blinking battery symbol with the strikethrough line) and started doing the emergency save/shut down. So I got the charger and plugged it...
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