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    Unused Game Content ~ Mario Bros. Classic (E) PAL NES Unused Mario Bros. Title Screen Theme Song

    Support: Patreon: / nensondubois Ko-fi: Social: Cohost: nensondubois on cohost Mastodon Soul Filing Cabinets (@[email protected])
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    Pal Info About this mod Displays info about wild Pals like - Species Capture Count - Number of Species in Pal Box - Pal IVs / Talents for each Stat - Stats - Passive Skills - Research / Progression System - Has Lua Configs to hide information and modify the...
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    Faster Breeding Default breeding time: 300 seconds Mod options: - FasterBreeding (includes: 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 150 seconds) - FasterBreedingBerries (includes: 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 150 seconds, 300 seconds - default...
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    All the Bases This is a very simple mod that increases the maximum bases per guild to 128 (the default max for the whole server) for all base levels. Installation Installation is very simple, just download the file and place it in PALROOTDIR\Pal\Content\Paks If...
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    Zapper (GCN/AR/PAL)

    Zapper [DOL-GZPP70-EUR]; Game-ID: 309 Enable 60Hz Mode [Ralf] 408D-HV8U-7X2G3 W0WD-6KXY-X8WG8 QBW9-GCRK-07KJ6 BXQB-7VW8-Q9KG1 T4M9-KY03-DEVP6 PCU7-Y694-586QG PP7X-G3AG-Q5JXK YB19-Y7T8-56DZW 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf] EKAE-ZT47-6JUW1 Y941-M7YW-9NCA2 Unlock All Movies [Ralf]...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom [GYFPA4] Enable 60Hz Mode [Ralf] 0403D76C 38600000 04150A20 00000014 04154214 00000014 0215421C 000001E0 02154220 00000000 02154224 000001E0 Unlock Joey's Campaign [Ralf] 0018627C 00000003 Have All Cards [Ralf] 08186280 000000CA 00B00014 00000000 All Cards...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (PAL)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (PAL)[/HEADING] (M) (Datel) 8WKZ-W897-NH5UZ 0M3N-5ZJC-47MVR K4VG-ET9C-3KCBD E1QY-MDQY-EMRYX AKQJ-F27W-Y7XGH 7Y0T-TVZ8-W7YKF 1R8A-YD2T-XAUPT Q40H-E7BY-K2RZK Q816-PZ3A-XHX1T 182P-BM45-W5M7Q MC3A-7K2J-2U51J 9MX9-CTR6-B78VF K8AJ-2T09-JZGQQ E52C-FGTG-A9JAD...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak (PAL)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak (PAL)[/HEADING] (M) (Datel) W58U-DX0K-GGDH5 MRM4-EPNZ-B2698 19FH-TEM3-HMT77 Lone Wolf Mode (Jay007) 8W9X-2KQT-66DU7 D26D-Z02A-0P08G Only Have 1 Ally (Be warned, this code may be saved) (Jay007) URK9-4UWW-ACXUZ 1H81-HXTR-87D85 Player Is Invisible (Jay007)...
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    Resident Evil 4 (PAL)

    (M) (Datel) C6T9-QTNA-MWPPR VCGR-MZVE-JCRE5 Stop Camera On/Off (L3/R3) (Jay007) V4NM-YM7A-HPF6M 960V-XWJG-MDUNB 3DHK-RP01-P5YCN BHM9-WJGD-XECAT 91KW-WUEW-ZZPMX Activate 3.5 Powers With Ashley Present On/Off (L3/R3) (Jay007) 67NY-UF2M-01RTC 960V-XWJG-MDUNB F7D6-QHH3-BFVFE BHM9-WJGD-XECAT...
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    Shadow of the Colossus (PAL)

    (M) (Jay007) VY1F-192Q-PYRCR H084-U6R6-XD6FJ Infinite Health (Jay007) 1Y2U-4T2E-8F82C V6W8-BD7M-Q9X2C 13DM-8R03-07FK4 Infinite Grip (Jay007) TQUD-MQE2-P37CN V6W8-BD7M-Q9X2C YWT7-G0T4-BHGVY
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    Haunting Ground (PAL)

    Haunting Ground (PAL) - Action Replay MAX (M) (Jay007) AZR5-241B-YVBW4 NFWX-8TQJ-JDZF0 Infinite Stamina Hewie (Jay007) VM8P-6XRA-KZ8Z6 XE13-P0YV-M5CY2 QDXE-TX0B-NPCK8 Infinite Stamina (Jay007) B4DM-F0RT-2Y20F HKJ7-4A2U-QU6D4 Fiona Is Always Calm (Jay007) DFW7-3C2D-CQ315 TMYP-V6NU-F7VQK...
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    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PAL)

    (M) (Datel) 6CF8-ZKRD-NXPNZ N072-26Y2-GGR0G R6JR-N4KF-AYNY6 Infinite Devil Trigger (Jay007) D2HG-KGWN-0WYCR PZRT-UFQE-4FGWF 9BR1-67XD-W55GV
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    God of War (PAL)

    (M) (Datel) XH6E-1YEC-P9NCE CQ5W-DA5T-7XDJU V18K-Z1WD-CZUT5 Use Athena's Blades In All Modes (Jay007) E72M-W8C2-5K3N6 EVJ0-EJKG-8UNX1 Have Poseidon's Trident (Jay007) J06V-8RY4-A5ARF AJ3Z-RBU7-6ZU8K Have All Gorgon Eyes (Jay007) H75M-Z24N-WM3AA G0WN-VP30-G7HC5 Have All Phoenix Feathers...
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