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final kaoss

Staff member

This is a very simple mod that increases the maximum bases per guild to 128 (the default max for the whole server) for all base levels.

Installation is very simple, just download the file and place it in PALROOTDIR\Pal\Content\Paks
If you want it to work on a server you must install it to the same location in the dedicated server folder. Without this the server will stop you from building bases beyond the games default limits.

This hasn't had much testing so use at your own risk. It has been tested to work with a server, with 4 bases and with pals doing some basic crafting.

Special Thanks
Thank you to all the tool developers that made Palworld/UE5 modding possible so early on:
  • UE4SS
  • FModel
  • Repak
  • UAssetGUI/UAssetAPI

And thank you to the people that helped along the way, notably
  • Zoomy for working with me to find the right properties to change
  • Trumank for fixing UAssetAPI and generally helping me navigate the Unreal asset files
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