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    Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (NTSC)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (NTSC)[/HEADING] (M) (VirusPunk) 9803001E 78D0A1F8 Universal Enable Code (VirusPunk) F0100008 0000000E Enable Code (VirusPunk) F0100008 000001FD PAL2NTSC (VirusPunk) 00112598 24120002 Y-Fix (VirusPunk) 0011295C 00000010 00112A10 00000010 X-Fix...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak (NTSC)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak (NTSC)[/HEADING] (m) (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F0100008 0000000E F0100008 000001FD Alternate (m) (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F01A91E4 0000000E F01A91E4 000001FD Alternate (m) 2 (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F0100208 0000000E F0100208 000001FD PAL2NTSC (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk)...
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    Dragonball Z Budokai 3 (NTSC)

    (M) (Datel) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8D8946 BCBA08CE Slow Motion (Jay007) DEB58EB2 FBA99B83 DEB58EBA FBA99B83 Player 1 - Infinite FusionTime (Jay007) DEB579DE 006C81D6 Player 2 - Infinite Fusion Time (Jay007) DEB558FE 006C81D6
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    Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games?

    Hi, Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games? I just bought from ebay dead or alive 2 jap, I just wondering if I can play it on my ntsc usa dreamcast. I have to use the utopia boot disc or I just play it without it? thx
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    NTSC Retail Released Games That haven't Been Ripped

    Are there any NTSC retail released games that haven't been ripped? Here is the list I'm going by for NTSC games. Lunch with George! Thank you.
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    Which is better - MK Goldor MK Gold (NTSC, Red disc)

    Hello. I was just curious to know if anyone here can tell me the differences between the two. Was MK Gold (NTSC, red disc) released after the PAL game and is less buggy than the PAL game or is the PAL edition the same as the red disc edition? Thanks.
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    Trickstyle NTSC versus PAL?

    I've played the US version of Trickstyle before, and it dips in the framerate department quite a bit imo. I remember reading an interview with the developers well after the release, stating that they worked on the game right until the last minute, and had wanted to optimize the game more, but...
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    Shenmue II PAL on NTSC with VGA

    So after doing some research on Google, it looks like my only option is to get a boot disc. I have a burned copy of DC-X but I've been told it's pretty hit or miss. The only "sure" way of getting Shenmue II to display through VGA is with a Game Shark. If this is the case, do I require both the...
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    NTSC or PAL dreamcast?

    Hey! Sadly , my dreamcast broke :( It wont read discs anymore i tried everything and it still doesn't read discs and the console is really yellow so i decided to buy another dreamcast , i found someone selling it in my country and he has ntsc (not japanese) and Pal console and i dont really know...
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    Best boot disc to use for Shenmue II on an NTSC console

    What's the best one to use for a PAL copy of Shenmue II on an American console? After trying 4 different burned ones including codebreaker, it refused to boot. Codebreaker otherwise never lets me down with booting original import games. The only boot disc I can get to work with this...
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    Japanese vs. NTSC Power Stone Games

    Does anyone know what the differences are, if any, between the Japanese and NTSC versions of Power Stone 1&2. Thanks.
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    Lego Batman (NTSC) [RLBEWR]

    Player1 Unlimited Points [Dr.Pepper] 1453BB18 EFFFFFFF Player2 Unlimited Points [Dr.Pepper] 1453BB28 EFFFFFFF
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    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn NTSC - U

    Current code list, compiled by ShadowX39 and me. Shadow's codes are bolded. Codes might not work! Variables include screen dimension and difficulty! Updated Code list (All working) [Micaiah 99EXP] 00886D8F 00000063 [Edward 99EXP] 0088717F 00000063 [Leonardo 99EXP] 0088756F 00000063...
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    Castle of Shikigami 3 USA (NTSC) [RS4EXS]

    RS4EXS Castle of Shikigami 3 USA Free Play 0048Eb0B 000000FF Infinite Bombs 041B1EE8 60000000 041B2378 60000000 Infinite Lives 041C7B74 60000000 041ABB64 60000000
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    Anubis II (NTSC) [RNVE5Z]

    Unlimited Lives 4A000000 81000000 145C4720 0000000F E0000000 80008000
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    101 in 1 Megamix (NTSC) (RYEEEB)

    Note Not all codes have the names to them since there was 100 things to unlock i did not collect all the names yet :whistling: also note that iv not done any multi Skip codes and if u +14 from the first code 100(64) times u could make this into one code. 101 in 1 Megamix Game ID: RYEEEB...
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    Super Mario Sunshine (NTSC)

    (m) (Datel) M24P-E7J3-5MBG8 RCNG-N966-JXDWB Jesus Mode --Walk on Water-- (Y.S.) 7BJ0-A6B7-UMDAM K1HU-XA2N-DM5EB BWHF-CNVF-3BV17 UKD7-ADPE-NUVFP BHB7-03DZ-55R25 JBW5-APTX-MHQV9 4B8D-M6Y1-F91MC 9V59-CEYV-0GMV0 H30R-GWTT-NHK2G FRM3-14R7-7FY0C FUVH-XTN3-V895V UBFH-QB6W-B9AMP...
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