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    PSP iso loaders for HEN6_35

    hi guys, i wanted to know about iso loaders for HEN 6.35.
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    can't play psx iso / Eboot?

    Hi, I have recently hacked my psp 3004 to 6.20 TN-D , i patched it with the TN-D_Permanent patch. Now if i understand things correctly i need to run psp games with the PrometheusIsoLoader , and it works ok for the psp games.. but how the hell can i start a psx iso/Eboot game? If i put the psx...
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    Play an iso

    I have a PSP-1000 with 5.50 GEN-D3. Ive downloaded a few iso's and cso's and so far none will play, it says corrupt data. Do i need to install something else/do something to the iso's first before they play or am i just downloaded bad isos?
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    i want to play iso game in psp ofw version 6.37 slim 2000

    i want to play iso game. in the first times my psp can play iso game like god of war. after i update psp version in network psp (wireless) then rebort psp system/ so i cannot see game. why?
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    planning to buy psp 3006 version 6.35 iso tool is it good?

    What is the best version of psp 3006? that can easily be hacked and can play ps1 games, cso and iso? is the 6.35 version okay im a totally noob on psp and im planning to buy 1 within this month and im wondering which is the best, im fix on psp 3006 and i saw it has a version 6.35 in the box, is...
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    ISO "Corrupt Data"

    Greetings, I am brand new to this whole scene and have come across a snag. I successfully put in the 6.35 Pro-B and made sure everything was working. My problem is that ISOs don't seem to be recognized. First I tried a PSX ISO and it wasn't recognized so I used PSX-PSP to convert it and that...
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    Play ISO backups from PC HDD on PSP

    Alright, I've been searching around on how to play ISO backups stored on my PC HDD and play them on my PSP, but I didn't manage to figure out how. I have PMPlayer Advance 3.1.4 which allows you to do so, but I can't figure how to get it to work. If anyone knows how or knows another method, it...
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    can psp go be hacked and load iso?

    can anyone confirms if the psp go can be hacked and load iso? im gonna buy one so please help out. IM gonna get it with firmware 6.2 firmware
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    Running BBCSII on PSP Go 6.31 HEN with prometheous ISO Loader

    I'm going to be buying a PSP Go soon with ofw 6.31, but before I do i'm just wondering if I'll have any problems playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift II with 6.31 HEN and prometheus iso loader? I know I've had problems running a few other games before with prom iso loader, so I want to make sure...
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    ISO loader

    I'm watching this guys tutorial( and everythings going good untill i notice he doesn't have the isoloader in the files that he haves us download. But on the video he does have it. How do i get this iso loader...
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    Game Categories Lite wont Load ISO Game Video

    Game Categories Lite wont load ISO game videos like when you go to click it, it changes the background and has a little small video playing with music. I just like that feature that's all. Does this do it to you too?
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    New memory stick. How Do I make it play Iso files

    I have a modded 5.50 Prome-4 hacked psp with a 4 gb memory stick. I just purchased a new 8 gig earlier today and I want to know what I have to do to enable it to run iso files. This may be a noob question, but I just want to know how to get it to work so no negative comments please. I'm...
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    Trying to run psp ISO, and other emulators but are not working

    I have a pspgo currently running 6.60 and this cfw (6.60 PRO-B9 Custom Firmware) I need help running iso or tips on how, I want to run psx and psp iso. I get my iso from this site "pspisoz" thanks in advance guys.
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    Problem Running ISo

    i have a psp 3000 model numer 09g i downgraded it to 6.35 and now installed cfw pro-b6 6.35.. i am able to run cos formats but not iso inspite of placing it in ISO folder of psp!! should i download the psp loader or should i update (If so plss give me all the steps).
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    Rip Iso Update folder

    Ok some have worked, some wont boot after deleting update folder due to some "LBA Protected" but i have seen some people still suceeding due so, what process could they have used? Thanks in advance
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    Help for loading ISO Games into PSP N1004PB

    Hello, I am new to PSP and also this forum. I downloaded some ISO games and I want to play these on my PSP. I kept the downloaded ISO files into PSP->GAME folder. But I cannot play the games. When I searched for this I found to create a ISO folder and copy the ISO files. I can't understand...
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    Problem running ISO from PC 6.60 PRO-B9

    Hello, I have followed this guide: I installed Custom Firmware Extender 3.1, extracted all folders correctly and edited text files as needed... Now, when I try to "Remap usb to MS", my PSP freezes and shuts off. I tried CFE 1.9 as...
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    Running ISO from PC

    Hey, I'm fairly new to the PSP modding scene and here is my dilemna: I want to play ISO's that are stored on my PC, I have googled and searched forever and a day and still cannot find an up to date guide on doing this. I have tried using 6.60 Pro and 6.20 but with both all I can do is access my...
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    Fix choppy PsP ISO playing on 4gb?

    In the past I've dealt with 2gb memory sticks and by formatting them to FAT, instead of the normal FAT32, my Iso's of PsP games have worked perfectly with little to no lag. Recently I've been dealing with a 4gb memory stick and it plays choppy unformated to FAT, but my problem is I can't format...
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    Poor CSO and ISO Game Performace??

    Have just got a PSPGO, after have a PSP2003. I have installed the 6.20 PRO B4 CFW, and have created a ISO folder on the root of thr PSPGO internal drive, and copied some games over that i had on my PSP. I have noticed that the games seem to stutter and dont seem as smooth as they do on my PSP...
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