Running ISO from PC


Hey, I'm fairly new to the PSP modding scene and here is my dilemna: I want to play ISO's that are stored on my PC, I have googled and searched forever and a day and still cannot find an up to date guide on doing this.

I have tried using 6.60 Pro and 6.20 but with both all I can do is access my PC and see the iso's, after I click to load them it shos up with the UMD's iso and when I click to launch it just launches the UMD.

I have tried CF extender, when clicking USB to MS it just freezes though, I've tried IR shell, USB loader and Prometheus loader and still get the same error with all three on both 6.60 and 6.20.

I'm at a loss, all I want to do is use my PC as a hard drive for my PSP :(
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