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    PSP 2000 hackable OFW 6.37 how to hack?

    Hey guys as the title says I have a hackable PSP 2000 but it does have the latest official firmware, if you guys could link me to a thread or forum or tell me the easiest way to hack it? I've heard about chickenhen but that works for 6.35 not 6.37 ive heard. I wish I could use that because I...
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    what firmware pspgo is hackable?

    im thinking of buying a psp. (maybe a go) what is the latest firmware? is it hackable yet? can it run iso's and psx eboot.pbp's? homebrew?
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    Hackable psp's

    Key words used OFW = Offical fimware CFW = Custom firmware FW = Firmware PB = Pandora battery MMS = Magic memory stick Could any one give me full detail info on whitch psps can be hacked by PB and MMS, like witch version of psp and the FW range it can be hacked from and to. I do know that all...
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    100% noob...is my psp hackable?

    OK so I know nothing. I've been reading through some forums and I'm getting conflicting information. I recently got my psp from a friend. It is a PSP-3001 System Software Version 6.60 Can this be modded? I basically want to use it to play ps1 isos and for checking out some fun homebrew. Can...
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    PSP 6.37 Hackable?

    Hey guys I'm new to psp hacking and have been playing mhfu for a while now. Well i keep getting my butt kicked and an thinking about hacking my psp. i have 6.37 currently. I can not buy a pandora battery. Is there a way to format ur psp to get the a hackable version? And if its possible what are...
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    Rose Pink PSP Hackable? And couple of other ?'s

    I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out.. I have a 2000 slim PSP from Japan. It is a Rose Pink color. The serial behind battery begins as.. HJ541-- Is the motherboard okay for hacking? I find many guides based on US version PSP. I also do not have the box to check and my firmware...
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    PSP 3004 5.70v. Is it hackable?

    It is almost 1 and half year of wait and i guess now is the time to hack my 3004 psp with 5.70 firmware. Is the news on this firmware true that it should first be updated to 6.20v and then hacked to a homebrew? please suggest me if this news is true then to which version should i update 6.20...
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    PSP-3004 hackable ?

    i have psp-3004 with OFW 6.38 can i hack this one ?
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    psp 3000 6.39 hackable?

    im considering buying a psp 3000 on 6.39 but am unsure wether or not it is hackable
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    psp hackable?

    aight .. psp 3001 with ofw 6.20 help would be appreciated. if its hackable and what not to do so i don't brick the damn thing. also if cwcheat will work and what i need to do to make it work .. i know how to install it .. looked at all the guide threads .. i just need to know what i need in...
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    Need to find if psp is hackable

    (I know what im talking about, dont judge by my post count and flame) My friends paying me to buy a PSP 2000 and hack itfor him. Im going to Gamestop where they sell for ~$99 used, and i need to determine if its hackable without buying it. I think i can test it before purchase. So heres my...
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    can i downgrade 6.35 proB to any lower version in my psp2000 non hackable

    hi seniors plz help me im newbie can i downgrade 6.35 proB to any lower version in my psp2000 non hackable plz guide me
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    Is PSP3003 with 6.31 version hackable?

    Hi, Is PSP3003 with 6.31 version hackable?
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    psp3004 hackable?

    My mate got a psp 3004 and ask me if i could hack it since he saw my phat hacked. Don't really want to brick it so i'm asking you guys,which firmware should i use if any at all on his psp? Btw it's on 6.39 OFW
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    is my psp 3002 with 6.0 update hackable?

    Sorry if it has been posted before, I have been searching on forums for the last 3 days. I recently bought a second hand psp 3002, and it has 6.0 update on it, (I am new to all the cfw stuff) if anyone could help me out with a way to hack it so I can run snes, megadrive, N64 games etc, it would...
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    Am i hackable

    hi all ,,carnt find any lists of motherboards which are hackable so ill post my psp its a HB2602491 / date code 7C /model psp-2003 system software version 4.05
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